hello everyone , I'm Xu Gong, a programmer of infinite MCU .

Recently, some students have started looking for jobs one after another , Share my first job experience here .

More detailed interview experience and skills , We will share it in the internal group live broadcast tomorrow night .

Let me introduce you first , I just graduated and got my first job .

Just graduated from college , There are many school recruits in the school , Many of my classmates find jobs through school recruitment .

I was in a video game at that time , So I have more confidence in myself . Go out and have a look first .

Later, I heard from our classmates , In fact, what they just started to do is similar to screwing , welding , Manual work of assembly .

About less than half a year , Those who had ideas left , Some people also persisted , After a few years , Some are in research and development , Some are still in the production line , In fact, it feels no different from ordinary workers .

I worked hard in College for several years , I don't want my major to be abandoned , My goal was to find a similar job as an R & D assistant .

I took part in the video game with our laboratory 4 Two brothers , Carry a bag together , Came to Shenzhen .

At that time, the rent in Shenzhen was not as expensive as it is now , We 4 personal , First stay in a hotel , Then go to the talent market every day , I also send my resume online .

In a twinkling of an eye 2 The week has passed . We basically didn't find the right job . frankly speaking , It's normal to think from the current point of view . Just graduated , Do you have any practical experience , Why does the enterprise want you .  

Enterprises recruit fresh students basically at a loss to train talents , When the training is almost finished , Do practical things for the company , You're flying again . This is what many enterprises do not want to see , It is also the reason why everyone is unwilling to accept fresh graduates .

The boss is very realistic , Don't believe them too much .

But that doesn't mean you can't find a job . It depends on your perseverance , Some small companies , The salaries of those with some skills are relatively high , unable to support . 

What can we do? ?

Some of the moves are inexperienced , Or fresh graduates , Change the program to maintain the old products .

We 4 I insisted 2 week , The best of us , I feel badly hit , The lab is doing well , How come no one wants it when it comes out ?

It seems that my level is not enough , He asked his family for some money , I went to attend MCU training .

Another week , One went to sales , The other went to Ping An Bank for sales , A few years later, they all left Shenzhen . Some went home , Someone went to another city for development .

What about me? ? Everyone is curious about what job I got .

They're all gone , I rented a room myself , There were not enough rooms at that time , Probably 200 Yuan , A single room , I want to hold on a little longer .

There are many big companies , And countless small companies , Dozens of companies interviewed , Sometimes we start before dawn every day , Go home in the middle of the night , Not on the bus , It's on the way to the interview .

I remember clearly that , I'm running out of money in my pocket , I haven't eaten all day , My legs are soft when I go home at night , It's hard to find a job .

During the interview , How many companies replied that , You go back and wait for the news , Such news means no news .

Everyone knows it , Don't have any illusions , Unless you're really good .

There are several big companies , It does feel very tall , Let me start with maintenance , Some let me practice in the production line now 3 Months , Familiarize yourself with the product , Some let me do product testing , These jobs are not what I want , So I refused .

Here I also remind you , You'd better not go there , In fact, it is difficult to have the opportunity to transfer to R & D , Even if possible, it may take several years , A few years is enough time for you to become a master in this field .

After rejecting the big company for a few days , Still can't find a better one , At this time , I feel a little regretful , Feel like you missed the best choice .


When looking for a job , I feel time flies , A month passed by carelessly , We haven't found the right one yet , It's over again 1 week , Another week passed .....

In a twinkling of an eye 50 The day has passed , Still haven't found a job , But Kung Fu pays off , Since I started looking for a job 53 day , I finally found a better job than I thought , MCU software engineer . It's a small company ...

Later, I reviewed the main reasons why I could find a job after I just graduated : insist , insist , Insist again .

So when we first graduated , Choose a job and set yourself a goal , And once the target is locked , Don't change it easily .

I believe my brother who just graduated , When I came out to find my first job , They all want to find a job corresponding to their major . This is the most natural idea of all of us , Because I studied this major , Of course, we should engage in this major .

But in fact, what we have learned and done may not match 5%. Why ?

1. I've been looking for too long , Lost confidence , We're not looking for a job to do 1 day ,2 day ,1 Months ,2 Months , But half a year , One year . It's worthwhile for us to spend more time looking for a job .

2. Just graduated , No money , Find a job and make do with it , When it's stable, you can find your major .

Just graduated from looking for a job will have this idea , In fact, once we choose to work and stabilize , You basically have no chance to return to your major . My former brothers thought the same , As a result, I haven't done it yet. I still want to be our major , Of course, you may do better in other industries , I'm the one who does Ping An insurance , Also had a good time .

3. I really don't like this major

Finally, I want to give you a word : Some people have a rough start , This is not necessarily a bad thing , Some people are going well , This is not necessarily a good thing , Whatever the process , You can reach the end with persistence and effort , Remain true to our original aspiration , Can always .