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one , self-introduction :

Hello, everyone , First, let's introduce ourselves : Xiaoying senior , From Zhejiang , Ordinary undergraduate , Currently a senior , Software engineering ( Belong to Keban ha ha ), yes 22 year 6 Graduation in January , Currently studying Java, Before learning Python of , As for why do you study now Java What happened ? Let's talk about it in the following paragraphs ~~

two , to look back 2021:

Actually, before I write this annual summary , I also read the summary of many other bloggers , In fact, it's quite similar , Just finished high school learning pressure , Usher in a free college life , Like everyone else , Want to play , But it lasted more than two years , Because there was no employment pressure at that time , I always think it's early to graduate , I don't care about the employment situation now , Although the courses of software engineering basically cover all the knowledge of software development ( have Html,Java,Python,C,C++, data structure ,MySQL.Linux wait ), But to tell you the truth, what ordinary undergraduates can teach you is only basic ability , And there are many classes , Actually, I'm here, too 21 year 3 Only around June did I begin to understand what kind of technology is needed to find a good job , So my summary starts from 2021 Year 3 Month speaking ~

Now we all know that every year 3 All months are spring moves of big factories , So you know why my story starts here ~~ Because spring moves , Major companies have started online publicity , But who can reject the high-profile propaganda ??? I'm no exception , yes , I downloaded it BOSS Direct employment , Because I'm from Zhejiang , I want to go to Hangzhou after graduation ,IT Hangzhou industry is also very good , So I chose Hangzhou as the city of my intention to work , The first thing that pops up is Alibaba's recruitment information , This is a dream factory ! Then after a series of operations , Just look at the picture below :

I am here BOSS Nei met a good elder martial brother Nei Tui , Then I participated in the evaluation and written examination according to the process , In fact, the written examination is one side , I remember I didn't actually do much , Because I'm not sure , I'll write everything I can write anyway . Then two days passed , I got a technical interview from Ali , Then ask me a series of questions , Because it's a school move , More emphasis on foundation , But what's the difference between being unprepared and not learning and listening to a foreign language ?
There were even some concepts when the interviewer asked me , I knew it was still there , Although I was severely hit by the interviewer , But I really thank him , He woke me up , Let me know I'm nothing , Nothing , I really appreciate the interviewer !!
( If you see this article, your friends are still freshmen and sophomores , Be sure to remember , Don't be like me !!)

After hanging up the interview call , I reflected for a while , Opened muke.com ( I won't say much about why I chose this platform , Not recommended , Just share ), Then I bought it Python System course of full stack engineer , Then began to learn ~ know 2021 year 10 month :

I have learned this systematic course 73%, Yes 192 hour , Not finished yet , Because it's here 10 month , The autumn move began , Actually, I did Python after , I feel more or less confident , Because I learned Python Basics ,MySQL, And framework Flask and Django, Then began a series of resume submissions , job-hunting , But the result is not ideal , Although I read other people's interview experience and the mood of interview failure on some websites of Niuke , But this emotion can only be understood after their own experience .
This is my story this year .

Why not Python, And learn Java Yes ?

In fact, there is no distinction between good and bad language , This language choice depends entirely on the individual , Because I might watch Java It's very comfortable to see , I'm also very quick at it , Then I'll choose Java, In fact, the essence of programming language is the same , Same logical processing , Same algorithm , Every language can be implemented , It's just that the grammar and key words are written differently , Change soup without dressing . Another reason is that at present 80% Internet and 100% All banks use Java, therefore Java Perhaps the scope of employment is broader , Of course, now bytes and a B All turn Go Yes , Friends who want to enter these two big factories can consider studying Go Yo ~~

two , expectation 2022:

2022 Already started , I also set a few goals here :

* learn from good examples Java( Short 2 written words 4 letter , It contains a lot )
* 22 Find a satisfactory job on graduation in
* Stick to blogging ( Record your learning process in your own way , hold Java It's really not difficult. This series continues to be updated )
* Learning algorithms in spare time
* Re update with new goals ~~
three , summary :

* One sentence summary 2021: Have regret , There are also gains
* One sentence outlook 2022: Remain true to our original aspiration , move on
* Share a word with you : Don't choose comfort at the age when you will suffer the most
Thank Ali's interviewer again , Finally, I hope everyone's learning process and job search process go well .
perhaps , some day in the future , Meet at the summit !

2022 year 1 month 8 day
Xiaoying senior