<> One side technology :

* Introduce yourself
* algorithm : Longest Palindromic Substring
* algorithm : Solve Fibonacci
* Database index classification , Scenario example : leftmost prefixing , Design index
* django or flask Execution process
* What is a decorator , Talk about closure principle , Handwriting a simple decorator
* Deep copy , Shallow copy difference
* python Memory implementation
* GC Garbage collection mechanism
* python process , thread , Synergetic difference
* Have you ever met python Process memory leak , How
* mysql Data consistency of active / standby or cluster , Solution ?
<> Two sided Technology :

* Introduce your project
* Key project inquiry
* Implementation process , What is the difficulty , How
* Handwritten quick typesetting
<> Three sides HR:

* Introduce yourself
* Tell me about your work experience in several companies
* Specific reasons for leaving each company
* Pick key projects and talk about the background , Role played , What are the difficulties or setbacks in the process , How ?
* Why do you want to come to Shenzhen ? Why do you want to leave Beijing
* Do you know our position ?
* Next, chat , Shenzhen people Shenzhen soul , Shenzhen always welcomes young people ! Money making city , I'm sure I'll work overtime ;hr He talked about the current strategy of his company , And benefits , working hours
* Ask about current salary , Expected salary
<> Four sides vp:( Normal three wheel , The salary is too high or There are too many candidates, so we need to add noodles )

* Introduce yourself
* What you are good at
* Project architecture understanding
* Have you ever encountered something very difficult to solve in the project , What are the usual ways to solve it , If you are given an unknown field, you are responsible for it independently , What should I do ?
* How to troubleshoot memory leaks , How to avoid
* What do you think of letting you do repetitive work
* Do you have your own blog , Do you have any projects written by yourself ,github There are more than 30 Star's no
QA: A convincing interview as a whole , I think it's still very efficient 1 Zhou Zuo , Much better than some companies , The whole process is very fast , No muddling , You can also arrange an interview on weekends !

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