I was self-taught to enter the single chip microcomputer industry , No, 211/985 This educational background .

Changing careers is purely to get out of class , Blue collar workers were popular in our time , white collar .

Our major is blue collar .

Blue collar workers are coolies , White collar workers are bright clothes , Get a high salary in the office .

I've been rejecting my major since I didn't graduate , But I didn't have the courage to drop out .

On the one hand, I chose this major because of the limit of the score line , On the one hand, he was young and didn't know anything , It's all based on the employment rate .

Now think about how stupid it was , The employment rate does not represent a promising future , The high employment rate in many industries is due to a lot of shit , Take less , Now young people don't do it at all .

Although equality is difficult , But I still feel bad in my bones .

The idea was simple , Just want to transfer to the office , High salary .

First try java, The salary of being a programmer is very good , Basic grammar learned , Also did a small project .

But there was no bottom in my heart at that time , The projects are copied out according to the code in the tutorial , Leaving the tutorial, I looked confused and forced , He gave up without even looking for a job .

Later, I came into contact with MCU , It's a little consistent with my major , Just go this way .

1. Only 51 Can I find a job ?

This is already 11 Years ago , I learned it STC89C52 This single chip microcomputer , Then I did 2 Items .

One is an electronic clock , One is a smart car , It took about from studying to finding a job 4 Months or so .

Now this volume , If you only know 51 Single chip microcomputer , It's hard to estimate , Unless you use 51 MCU has done 3-4 Items , Or did some soc development .

51 In fact, MCU also has many complex functions , for instance TI of CC2540 Bluetooth chip , Also 51 kernel .

however Flash and RAM Even than STM32 Still big , The software is also equipped with osal Protocol stack , It's no more difficult than those STM32 Simple .

This protocol stack , I studied it 1 It took more than a month to basically understand , And put osal Migrate to after system clipping STM32 Single chip microcomputer .

In fact, to put it bluntly , Is a program architecture , It's just relatively mature and stable , It provides many auxiliary functions for the product , Like a timer , event , queue , Linked list, etc .

If you can only 51 Kernel MCU , If you can get through the protocol stack , There's absolutely no problem finding a job , And the salary will be higher than the average .

2. What does MCU do ?

The embedded industry is also subdivided into many different directions , Single chip microcomputer development is one of them .

Before learning , We must position ourselves first , Re planning system learning route , Otherwise, your learning efficiency will be a few months slower , Long is slow for a few years .

If you want to be engaged in MCU software development , Can refer to our endless MCU programming to the students' career positioning .

1). MCU Engineer

2).MCU engineer

3).STM32 engineer

4). Embedded Engineer

5). Electronic Engineer

It is very accurate to find these positions directly on the recruitment platform .

If you don't do this kind of work , You have no idea what this position does .

This leads to many novices , That is, in-depth study of hardware , Also in-depth study of MCU and c language .

For a long time , I still can't do anything , Finally, I lamented that it was too difficult to learn MCU .

In actual product development , Generally, the electronic part of a product consists of 2 Completed by two engineers , They are hardware engineer and MCU software engineer .

The hardware engineer is mainly responsible for scheme selection , Schematic design ,pcb Design , Sample welding ,BOM List sorting .

MCU software engineer develops product function program on the basis of hardware .

therefore , Although MCU software development needs to learn hardware , But you don't need to learn so much , You only need to understand in the early stage .

Understanding and design , It seems similar , The reality is quite different .

Our endless MCU programming has been emphasized to the students , Want to reach the level of looking for a job as soon as possible , Just get the software done first .

Got a job , Income has stabilized , What do you want to learn later , The pressure is not so great .

Relatively speaking, the salary of software is also higher than that of hardware , Now most of the hardware is applied , It is difficult to establish core competitiveness .

And it can be said , Top hardware level is absolutely impossible to pass a book , A tutorial , even to the extent that 2,3 Items reached .

It requires years of accumulated practical project experience , And the project needs to go through batch testing in different environments , In this way, the circuit you designed is really stable .