Concept of network connection

IP address (IPADDR)

* IP An address is a logical address , Used to identify a host in the network
* IP address = network address + Host address
* IP The address is a 4*8bit( One byte ) from 0/1 Digital string composed of (IPv4 agreement )
Subnet mask (NETWORK)

* Subnet mask has only one function , Is to IP Address is divided into network address and host address
* The subnet mask is used to determine the of any two computers IP Whether the address is in the same subnet

Default gateway (GETEWAY)

* Connecting two different network devices can be called gateway devices ; The function of gateway is to realize the communication and control between two networks

Domain name server (DNS)

* DNS Domain name resolution server , Used to resolve domain names ( Domain name and IP Analysis between )
* If you don't have this thing , When logging in to a website, you must enter the name of the website IP address , Yes DNS You can enter the URL directly
* Domain name can be ( Resolve as IP address
Network connection mode

Bridging mode (bridged)

* VMWare The virtual operating system is like an independent host in the LAN , It can access any machine in the network
* The virtual system using bridge mode is related to the host machine , It's like connecting in the same place Hub Two computers on
* Current host IP by virtual machine
Network address translation mode (NAT)

* use NAT pattern , Is to let the virtual network system use NAT( Network address translation ) function , Access the public network through the network where the host machine is located
* NAT Of virtual system in mode TCP/IP Configuration information is provided by VMnet8(NAT) Virtual network DHCP Server provided
* The virtual system cannot communicate with other real hosts in the local area network