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Many of this year's sketches and music are to express the crystallization of love and love , The purpose is too obvious .

good heavens , Get married and have a baby , It seems so 2022 It's my main hit . So what's the policy ? This has not been explicitly stated , Let's guess , The following is a reliable article I found , For reference only .


1 month 10 Day night , According to media reports , Dabei agriculture launched a program to encourage employees to have better education , Total award for three births 18 Ten thousand yuan , from 2022 year 1 month 1 Effective from :

maternity leave : Add one month to the national standard for the first child , Second child plus three months , Third child 12 Months .

30000 for the first child , 60000 for the second child , 90000 for the third child .

Paternity leave for prospective male employees 9 day . Zhang Guoping, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Dabei agricultural group, confirmed the above news , And said , Both male and female employees can enjoy , However, male employees do not take maternity leave benefits .

Three child policy , It is China's active response to population aging , China has introduced major policies and measures .

Aging is the general trend of global population development , It is also China's basic national conditions for a long time to come . at present , our country 60 The proportion of the elderly aged and over is more than 10%, Entering the aging society , estimate “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” At the end of the period, it will change from mild aging to moderate aging ( Accounting for more than 20%), It will enter the severe stage soon ( Accounting for more than 30%). Implement the policy that a couple can have three children and supporting measures , In the long run, it is conducive to improving the age structure of the population , Expand the supply of new labor force , Reduce the dependency ratio of the elderly , Ease intergenerational contradictions , Increase the overall vitality of society , Reduce the peak level of aging .

The three child policy is 2021 In, China actively responded to the heavy policy of population aging .

7 month 20 day ,《 Decision of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on optimizing Fertility Policies and promoting long-term balanced population development 》( Hereinafter referred to as 《 decision 》) publish ,“ Three children ” The policy is officially coming . thereafter , Supporting measures in various regions have been released one after another , From the employment environment , Economic subsidies , Cooperation in social infrastructure and services “ Three children ” policy , Combination attack to reduce fertility cost , Create a friendly environment for having three children . cancel “ Excess cost ”, Public rental housing is preferred , Buy a house for three children 400 element / square meter …… To encourage three births , Local policies continue to increase . Shell finance reporter of Beijing News combed all over the country “ Three tire matching ” Policy discovery , Three children are encouraged “ lower corporate costs ”,“ Give more leave ”,“ Reduce expenses ”,“ Bring it for you ” Four tips .

First move : lower corporate costs

All regions have been cancelled “ Excess cost ”, Include three children in maternity insurance

social compensation fee , That's what people say “ Excess cost ”, Successfully stepped off the stage of history .25 Provinces proposed to abolish social support and other restrictive measures , Clean up and abolish relevant punishment provisions , among 24 The province has passed the revision decision ,1 Provincial draft , In the stage of public consultation . meanwhile , According to the requirements of the National Medical Insurance Bureau , Many provinces have explicitly included the cost of three children of female employees in the payment scope of maternity insurance benefits . for example , Combined with the actual level of economic development of Zhejiang government and local people , Appropriate economic subsidies shall be given to uninsured women .

Second move : Give more leave

Extension of maternity leave , Paternity leave , Establishment of parental leave

face “ Three children ” policy , Netizens applauded as they clapped their hands , While calculating time . Many netizens sighed : If you can afford it, don't say , It is also a great waste of time and energy . since 《 decision 》 Since its release ,25 Province revision 《 Population and family planning regulations 》 Or draft the amendment . Jiangxi , Qinghai , Female workers in Henan and other places will enjoy 188 Days maternity leave , Female staff with three children in Hebei , Female employees who have two or three children in Zhejiang also enjoy 188 Days maternity leave . Shaanxi proposed regulations , Female workers who have three children will be given six months' bonus leave on the original basis , The longest maternity leave is nearly 1 year . Extension of maternity leave , Parental leave , Although it plays a positive role in encouraging fertility , But it will also affect women's work in the workplace , All localities need to protect the legitimate rights and interests of women in employment , Provide employment services for women whose employment is affected by childbirth . for example , Guangxi encourages colleges and Universities , Research institutions explore the establishment of a scientific research return fund for female researchers after childbirth . meanwhile , Extended paternity leave , Increasing male participation in childbirth , It can also give more support and help to my mother . all places “ Three children ” In policy , The establishment of parental leave is a highlight . In children 3 Before one year old , Both husband and wife can enjoy parental leave to accompany the newborn . Shandong , Chongqing , Anhui has expanded the population enjoying parental leave to children under age 6 One year old parents .

Third move : Reduce expenses

housing , Tax preference , birth , Parenting subsidies

Local governments are also making efforts to build new policies “ Fertility friendly ” environment , From reducing fertility , Reduce family burden from the perspective of parenting and education cost .《 decision 》 propose , When local governments allocate public rental housing , For families that meet the local housing security conditions and have minor children , Appropriate care can be given in the selection of house type according to the number of minor children . In Beijing , Families with many children can be included in the priority range . in addition , Many local governments have formulated preferential policies for differential leasing and purchase of houses according to the burden of raising minor children . For example, Jiangsu Haian , On the basis of market price , Two child families enjoy per square meter 200 Yuan purchase discount , Families with three children are entitled to per square meter 400 RMB discount . Linze, Gansu Province, also gave two children , House purchase subsidy for three child families .

The fourth move : Bring it for you

In the future, you can take your baby without your parents

Yang Wenzhuang, director of the Department of population monitoring and family development of the National Health Commission, once said , At present, China 0 to 3 Year old infant about 4200 ten thousand , among 1/3 There is a strong demand for childcare services , And our country 3 The enrollment rate of infants under years old is only 5.5% about , There is still a big gap between supply and demand . The establishment of inclusive care service system is one of the ways to solve the problem of young people taking children . Through tax reduction and exemption in many places , Financial subsidies and other policies encourage and guide social forces to set up childcare institutions , Increase the population to care ratio . Shandong Province planning to “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” end , Per 1000 people in the province 3 The number of children under the age of reached 4.5 individual .