Today I want to find a good sentence and copy it to test the program , I'll search from Baidu Library , The result requires a fee :

that , I have two ways to avoid it :
( one ) Pay well ( Of course not what I want to say )
( two ) Disable using developer mode JS
Press F12 key ( notebook Fn+F12), open “ Review elements ”, If not, change a browser , recommend IE.

Click on the pinion , Preferences found :

Select both , Don't turn it off :

Now? , We can copy whatever we want :

Give you a word :

Don't expect everyone to understand you , Because radish and cabbage , Each has his own love . You made radishes , Naturally, you can't make green vegetables .

Don’t expect everyone to understand you, because radish and cabbage have their own love. If you make radishes, you can’t make green vegetables naturally.

( three ) How to use search
First select the sentence you want to copy :

Click search , Enter the search page :

Copy directly from search box ! But there is one drawback , Bad space copy , Easy to become something else , Just change back :

original text :

After modification :

The original text is available :Don't expect everyone to understand you, because radish and cabbage
have their own love. If you make radishes, you can't make green vegetables