During the interview , Even if you are fully prepared , It's not always easy . please remember : It's normal that you don't answer well in the interview , Especially at the beginning of your interview .

   So you must have a good attitude : The interview became the best , If not, the interviewer will give you a chance to exercise for free , And I told you some interview questions for free , You earned it, too . But if on the one hand you are not doing well in the interview , At the same time, on the other hand, do nothing , Then I can say , Even ten interviews won't improve , And even if you enter the company , Your salary is also seriously underestimated .

    In this article , I will combine the experience of my interviewer , Tell you something you can do .


1  Honest and relative , Explain what you're good at , Let the interviewer give you a chance

I met individual candidates , He knows a little about technology , I don't know anything , It belongs to up and down . For example, the project is to SSM frame , But he has only learning experience in this field , No commercial project experience , But he JDK, Database can , He just said it ,SSM no way , But show his strengths , For example, he has strong learning ability , Or can bear hardships , Good communication skills , Then express a strong desire to join the company , I usually give “ Technology can ( Or technology barely ), Be able to attend follow-up interviews ” Comments on .

During the interview , I can estimate the quality of answering questions , If it's too bad , Belong to one ask three don't know , It's no use even saying that , But if you feel that the answer is not good for nothing , You can find a chance to say that .

    I'll list some factors that can be remedied .    


Remedial factors

Evidence that can be listed

Although not XX,( such as SSM Framework aspect ), Project experience , But I studied at ordinary times , I wrote the code myself .

I saw it XX book , I know this technology , Or know similar technology , At the same time, say what you know about this technology

Strong learning ability , Have a strong desire to learn new technology .

I don't know the technology of graduation project , But it took me a short time to master it , Or I didn't know anything in the company before , But I'll ask , Yes XX I've known for a long time .

perhaps , Popular recently XX technology , Although I can't use it in my project , But I've learned it myself , Then talk about your study .

Willing to bear hardships , Can work overtime , Can travel , Able to adapt to the environment under high pressure

List previous company overtime , Some situations with high pressure

Good at communicating with others , Encounter unfamiliar in the project , Willing to ask others

When I was in the company , I won't overstock in case of problems , If there is a problem in demand, find it XXX, If you don't understand the technology, you will find it XX, Encounter have Bug Can find Test

Know the project background of the company in advance , Then say you know this knowledge

such as XX The company does cloud computing , Even if you don't have project experience , I don't even have experience writing code , But you can say , Know this knowledge , Know the development process , Know the starting point

That means you're right Java The research on a technical point in the is particularly in-depth , Ken delves into

For example, I know very well Java Memory management for , Explain that you study it by looking at the documents or the underlying code , So the interviewer thinks, even if you don't have the skills he needs , But it has its own set of research methods , Ken delves into , Due consideration will also be given to .

Explain your sense of responsibility , Strong stability , Ken delved into a position

This is easier to say , You can explain yourself in combination with your own situation


2  By showing your previous highlights , Convince the interviewer of your potential and ability  

   If you have less than working experience 3 Year , In fact, the interviewer won't be too strict with you , In fact, I will care more about your learning ability , Work responsibility , Under pressure , conscientiousness , stability , You must have proof of the remedial measures just mentioned , You have to speak with facts , After all, nothing .

    Here are some highlights I heard from others during the interview , We can draw inferences from one instance and grasp it flexibly .

Although I'm sorry for what you just said SSM Technical understanding is not deep ( In fact, will he develop on the basis of the framework built by the project manager , There's a little more to know , If you don't know at all , It's no use saying it ), But I'm right MVC Have you understood the framework , The project I have done before is using Jsp+Servlet3.0+JDBC Realized , Also used alone Spring Framework of , So I can get started soon .( I'll ask him appropriately JSP+servlet+JDBC in MVC Process of , If he can say it , I'll write in the comments “ Understand basic SSM, understand MVC frame , know MVC Development mode of ”, But if he doesn't say otherwise , Maybe I'll write ,“ Only on the basis built by the project manager SSM, Do not understand the details of the framework ”, So even if he passes my technical interview , Subsequent project managers will not have too much favor with him when they see the comments )

I haven't used it in recent projects SSM, I'm working on the front desk for the recent project , This was used a year ago ( This is a little dangerous , It is better to have used this technology or related similar technology half a year ago , But then again , Even if you haven't used it lately SSM, But I said I used it on my resume , As long as you can answer the basic questions , I can't verify ), But I'm right SSM I have a deep understanding of the framework , I Know Spring in MVC Underlying implementation of , feel Spring of MVC There are certain defects , Also built in commercial projects SSM, So I can get started quickly .( Then I'll ask him in detail SSH Underlying details of , If he does have a good understanding of the underlying details , Then I'll write “ I haven't used it in the last year SSM, But yes SSM The bottom has a certain understanding ”, Otherwise , I can only write “ I haven't used it lately SSM,SSM Project experience is limited to one year ago ”, You can compare the difference between the two comments ).

( I'm hiring for an insurance program ) I didn't  SSM Experience in , It used to be used Jsp+servlet3.0+JDBC This model was developed ,( That's the truth , But if he prepares well before the interview , You shouldn't have said that ), But I've done insurance related projects before , Customer is XX, Achieved the goal of XX technological process , And I know some background business .( In this way, I will leave the decision to the second manager , Otherwise , I'll write directly “ Do not understand SSH, I can't pass the interview ”).

I'm right Java General technical understanding ,( It's really average , Only grammar , No Mastery ), This is because I was under a lot of pressure in my last project , Need to communicate directly with customers , I need to communicate directly with customers , Direct understanding of requirements , Self development , Self test , Last call Jar Contract to customer , So I feel my comprehensive ability is very strong .( I'll ask some details about this , Like how jar package , What did you do during the test , If you can really say it , I'll write in the comments “Java Average ability , But I know the whole development process , Be able to complete the task of a module independently ”, Otherwise I will only write “Java Average ability , Do not understand some in-depth knowledge points ”).

Although I have no experience in commercial projects ( He is a fresh graduate , The project on the resume was asked by me to be a graduation project or a curriculum design project , But if he directly wrote these technologies in an outside company when he was studying , I can't verify it ), But I have strong self-study ability , I took many detours in my study , But I know now JDBC and Spring
IOC Underlying implementation of , I know some popular technologies recently , So I can start some of your company's technologies quickly .( I'll write in the comments ,“ No commercial project experience , But the learning ability is very strong , Please follow up the interviewer to consider ”, It's better than “ No commercial project experience , It is not recommended to pass the interview ” Your comments are better )


4  Write down all the interview questions , Get ready when you get home , Welcome to the next interview   

     When you feel that your hope of successfully applying for this position is a little slim , You need to do the following :

    1 Record all technical interview questions , Go home and check the information , Prepare for the same question next time .

    please remember , Be sure to follow the analogy here , Like being asked down Java Knowledge points of multithreading , Then you'd better put the relevant Java Take a look at all the knowledge points of high concurrency . 

Find out why you didn't succeed , For example, this position needs project experience , The project experience you describe is ultimately considered a non-commercial project , Then you need to update the project description , Next time, make your project sound more like a business project , If it's because you didn't answer the questions about the project framework database well, so that the interviewer thinks this is not a commercial project , You have to find a real project , See how these technologies are implemented in the project .

Don't say something with little work experience , Even some work experience 5 More than years of experience , In several interview companies that have just started to change jobs , May not be able to answer well , Because even though he did a lot of preparation , I don't know what will be asked in the current interview , So you should do a good job before the interview “ Unsuccessful ” Preparation of , Become the best , Once it doesn't work , Accumulate experience , You'll be next time .


5  You find your foundation is poor , I don't know how to deal with the Countermeasures in the interview  

   I'm probably 2016 year 6 I tutored a person for an interview last month , He has just graduated from the computer department of a non-famous school in Shanghai , Although I have a master's degree , Although there are 4 Years working experience , But I didn't do computer work before graduate school , It's a job like computer sales , Give him a mock interview for the first time , His Java Skill estimates are not as good as average , Do not understand Java memory management , Multithreading , aggregate , The database will only use the most basic ,( Would you , Graduate School 3 year , I have to write a paper a year , In fact, it is 2 Year study , And I only learned the basic grammar in the textbook , no Java Working experience , Where can it be better ? Can write a program that can run successfully SSM The code is good ).

    My advice to him is :

    1 For up to a week , cram for Java, Database and other knowledge points , Hard back without knowing , Learn as many details as possible .

Find one or more from the Internet SSM Project , Whether it's business or learning , If not found , Pay to buy one in places like Taobao , Configure and run after finding , Then look at them one by one Spring,Mytibas Practice , This job requires 1 Completed within weeks , Add the work of the first point , At most 10 Completed within days .

    3 Update resume , Write the second learned item in your resume .

    4 Prepare some highlights , For example, I built it myself SSM, The database knows the index , know SQL tuning , know Java Memory management, etc , The more highlights, the better .

10 I'll interview him in a few days , He is also very competitive , At least be able to say project experience and some basic skills in a decent way , I'll tell him again , You go and learn about the test , Design data sheet , Implementation points of demand survey , At the same time, go online to find more interview questions to prepare , Here you are 2 Day time .

2 I think he can do it in a few days , Let him go for an interview , Just started to find some small companies to practice , He went 3 Home interview , About half of the questions in the first one were unanswered , The second one is in the frame , Database advanced application ,Java Didn't answer well in terms of complex knowledge , The third answer is good ( Because he knows what to ask ), Ask for salary 8 thousand ( Lack of confidence , Less ), On the spot .

    One 0 Basic people can do this , As long as you are well prepared , It will be done .