This Section imports the necessary classes from the PyPDF2 libraryfrom PyPDF2
import PdfFileReader, PdfFileWriter

from PyPDF2.pdf import ContentStream

from PyPDF2.generic import TextStringObject, NameObject

from PyPDF2.utils import b_

>The watermark says SAMPLE on it so I've tried different capitalization cases

wm_text = 'Sample'

replace_with = ''

>I'm hoping to just replace the SAMPLE watermark with nothing so a space could

> Load PDF into pyPDF

source = PdfFileReader(open('input.pdf', "rb"))

output = PdfFileWriter()

> For each page

for page in range(source.getNumPages()):

# Get the current page and it's contents

page = source.getPage(page)

content_object = page["/Contents"].getObject()

content = ContentStream(content_object, source)

> Loop over all pdf elements

for operands, operator in content.operations:Was told to adapt this part
dependent on my PDF file


Set the modified content as content object on the
pagepage.__setitem__(NameObject('/Contents'), content)Add the page to the

Write stream

outputStream= open (“ output .pdf“,”wb“)

output . write in ( Output stream )