discuss later ACP (Agile Certified Practioner) before , We should first talk about the more general PMP (Project Management
Professional), But the more common problem seems to be … Do you really need to take a photo ?

all the time , Gap between license and Practice , In fact, it lies in the workplace environment , small and medium-sized enterprises , Even more research institutions or enterprises come out of the laboratory , Not to mention that the founder has no management experience ,
Not even practical and mass production experience , Unless you hire a professional manager , Otherwise, there is a complete logical architecture at this time , Tell you that you need to consider various aspects ( cost , risk ,
Time history … Ten areas ) Knowledge is actually very important , Otherwise, at best, the prototype of the laboratory will be made once again with the money of investors , However, it is still unable to integrate with enterprise practice , be .

In fact, textual research is just a process of verifying or forcing yourself to really learn a new knowledge structure , The point is still the so-called " Knowledge area of management system " How much do you understand ?
How much did you digest ?

How to help yourself in a very complex situation , For very large projects , Know where to cut in , De architecture , To sort out what needs attention , It's kind of like a to-do list , Tell you to consider quality ,
Consider stakeholders , Consider risk … Consider a lot , A lot of knowledge you may never have been exposed to , Even if it happens , I don't know what to do ? Or what tools and skills do you have (Tools &
Techniques) To help you plan .

That's what people ask me , My favorite experience to share is , “ I seem to have more weapons in my hand to face these unknown challenges ” Not without a clue , The sooner you learn , The earlier the concept of enjoyment .

But then again , after all PMP The framework is large enough to do high-speed rail projects or build high-rise buildings , The usual work items are not so big , A bunch of forms are also difficult to use , oh ? Who told you I was filling out those forms when I wrote the plan ?

Atypical PM After absorbing management knowledge , Only apply it when you need it most , Generally, internal software projects are mainly based on time history considerations , But you must implicitly take into account both quality and risk ;

Talk about cooperation with external parties , Consideration should be comprehensive , Purchase contract , Interested parties … wait , When signing the contract , Still want to be able to produce a decent cooperation plan as an attachment , At this time, the plan form of the basic section is still worthy of reference , Addition and subtraction come in handy , And in terms of experience ," Have cards ” of PM It's better to plan in an organized way , Instead of thinking about where to arrange, it will make RD Collapsing PM.