one . abstract

At present, in various medical institutions , The vast majority of small and medium-sized medical institutions have not realized any information management , Hospital clinical information , The data of business process is still recorded in paper , Data is easy to be lost , Causing heavy losses to the hospital . Registration inside the hospital , charge , Pharmacy , Drug Storage , Department , There are deficiencies in the information management of hospital beds , The clinical information of patients cannot be kept completely , Efficient query , Data is error prone , Omission , It is difficult to change hospitals for treatment , Hospitals dare not treat , Missing the best treatment period , It has a serious impact on the treatment of patients .

two . Introduction to development objectives, development environment and related technologies

The development objectives of hospital management system mainly include :

Realize the internal registration of the hospital , charge , Pharmacy , Drug Storage , Department , Information management of hospital bed . Provide monthly reports recording the summary and details of various business decisions within the hospital , annual report .

Record user hospitalization information , Doctor information , Department , drugs , operation , Hospital bed information, etc .

Pharmacy management , Pharmacy vacancy Report .

warehouse management , Warehousing information and handler , Query remaining inventory , Outbound order , After pharmacy vacancy Report , Transfer from warehouse .

2.1.Springboot Introduction to development framework

brief introduction :Spring
Boot By Pivotal New framework provided by the team , It is designed to simplify the new design Spring Initial construction and development process of application . The framework uses a specific way to configure , This eliminates the need for developers to define templated configurations . In this way ,Spring
Boot Committed to rapid application development in the booming field (rapid application development) Become a leader .

1: Make coding simple ,SpringBoot use JavaConfig Way of , yes Spring Configure , It also provides a large number of annotations , It greatly improves the work efficiency .

2: Make configuration simple ,SpringBoot There are many default configurations available , Of course, custom configuration is also provided , But all SpringBoot All projects have only one configuration file Yes SpringBoot You don't have to worry about configuration errors. You can't find the problem , Let's take a look SpringBoot Configured picture

3: Make deployment simple ,SpringBoot Built in three Servlet container ,Tomcat,Jetty,undertow. We only need one Java The running environment can run SpringBoot My project ,SpringBoot Projects can be made into one jar package , Then pass Java 
-jar xxx.jar To run (SpringBoot The entrance of the project is a main method , Just run this method ).

characteristic :

1: Create independent Spring application program

2: Embedded Tomcat, No deployment required war file

3: simplify Maven to configure

4: Auto configuration Spring

5: Provide production ready function , Such as indicators , Health check and external configuration

6: Absolutely no code generation and pair XML No configuration requirements

2.2. MySQL Database introduction  

MySQL It's Swedish MySQL AB The company developed a relational database system that can be used for various popular operating system platforms , It has a client / Distributed database management system based on server architecture .MySQL
Fully applicable to the network , The database built with it can be accessed anywhere on the Internet , therefore , The database can be shared with anyone anywhere on the network .MySQL It has strong functions , Easy to use , Management party
then , Fast running speed , High reliability , Strong security and confidentiality .MySQL use C and C++ to write , It can work on many platforms (Unix,Linux,Windows) upper , Provided
For different programming languages (C,C++,JAVA etc. ) of API function ; Multithreading using core threads , Very good support CPU; Provides transactional and non transactional storage mechanisms ; Fast thread based memory allocation system .

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