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Recently, a man pretended to be forced with me , Said he recently graduated from school and entered Ali , I asked him how much he got into Ali ? The man said he was very proud , Not much, not much , Also 20K, Said he was very satisfied !WTF? Such a high salary is really enviable , Especially just graduated from such a high salary , It's amazing , Especially after reading a post on the Internet recently ,20K? That's less .

This force grid , This salary level is believed to have killed most of the working class , Even the top management of some enterprises can't get such salary . In the following post , One after another said they would change careers as programmers , That's the wage system , How many years do ordinary people have to work to earn , To show that I also want to change my career as a programmer , I'll go to the routine buddy and ask for learning materials .

I can't stand the hard and soft bubbles in the back , Dude Just give me a copy of his internal study notes in Ali :“ Go ahead , Here's everything you need , Don't come to me , I'm ashamed !”.




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After watching so much , Programmers say it's also difficult . In fact, think back to the original intention of entering the company , If it's for a living , Then you're really worried about this , There may be cheap labor to replace you soon . If not , There should be nothing to worry about , You already know how to find your core competence .