cmd Refers to the command line prompt , yes Windows A command line program that comes with the operating system . We can use cmd Do something fun .

open cmd program

click “ start ”,

stay “ Search for programs and files ” Medium input cmd

Click Open cmd program :

Each of the functions described below is in cmd Enter the corresponding command character in and press enter .

1.  see Windows edition

input winver, press return , You can view the operating system version of your computer .

my Windows Version is win7, So the next instructions , If the display on your computer is invalid , It may be caused by different versions of the operating system .

2.  Open on-screen keyboard

input osk, Press enter to open the on-screen keyboard

3.  Open screen “ teller ”

input narrator, press return , Can open screen narrator . Narrator is a utility that converts text into speech , The computer is convenient for the blind or the blind . The narrator can read what is displayed on the screen : Contents of the active window , Menu option or key user typed text .

4.  Open the magnifying glass

input magnify, Press enter to open the magnifying glass of the screen . The style of magnifying glass can be set .

5.  Hide file

such as , I want to hide D The next file name on the disk is woyaocangqilai Documents , Right here cmd Medium input :

attrib +s +a +h +r d:\woyaocangqilai

After pressing enter , This file is hidden , Others can't see it . Since I can't see the file , How do I open the file myself ?

It's simple , Also in cmd Enter the command in to display the hidden file :

attrib -s -a -h -r d:\woyaocangqilai

After pressing enter , The hidden file is again D The dial shows . So the key is , You should remember the file name of the hidden file , That's how it works cmd Get it back .

6. watch “ Star Wars ” animation

First enable Windows of Telnet function :

control panel - program - turn on or off Windows function -Telnet client

Then in cmd Medium input telnet

press return , Wait a minute , You can see DOS edition “ Star Wars ”:

7.  Automatic shutdown and restart

input shutdown -s, press return , You can turn off the computer

input shutdown -s -t 60, press return ,60 Seconds will shut down the computer .-t The following number represents the number of seconds to turn off the computer , It can be defined as shutdown after any time .

In timing 60 Second shutdown , It's not time yet , Can enter shutdown -a Cancel shutting down the computer

input shutdown -r, press return , Restart after shutdown .

You can enter each of these instructions into cmd Experience it in , I won't take screenshots one by one .

8.  Prevent others from turning on your computer while you are away

utilize cmd Automatic shutdown command , When others turn on your computer while you are away , It will shut down automatically .

First step , open “ Notepad ”, Enter the following instructions in Notepad :@ color 4f

@echo off

echo Delete computer C All files on disk ......

ping -n 2 127.1>nul

echo Deleted


echo Delete computer D All files on disk ......

ping -n 2 127.1>nul

echo Deleted



echo Delete computer E All files on disk ...... ping -n 2 127.1>nul

echo Deleted

@ color


echo. =========================================

echo. Trojan horse maker :***( It's confidential, of course ) o(∩_∩)o...

echo. =========================================


echo. This is a Trojan horse program ...... All the information has been transmitted *****

shutdown /s /t 60




echo. There's no time . I'm going to flash ..88, I'll contact you after installing the system ..


Then save as suffix .bat Documents .

Put this again bat Add file to startup item .

The specific steps are :

- Click start - function

- input gpedit.msc-

-windows set up -- script ( start-up / Shut down ), double-click “ start-up ”

- add to - browse

Select the file you just saved bat file , Click OK

Restart your computer and see what happens ~

Can see , As soon as you turn on the computer system, you will be reminded 60 Shutdown in seconds , So no one else can play with your computer , What about yourself ?

It's simple , After you turn it on, you just need to cmd Medium input shutdown -a, The command of timed shutdown will be cancelled .