Hongmeng system PC Version is a future oriented , Full scene oriented distributed operating system , The system can support a variety of terminal devices , Its distributed capabilities create new hardware , New interaction , New services , Open a whole new scene world , it is reported , Hongmeng 2.0 The system is based on the key distributed soft bus , Distributed data management , Distributed security and other distributed capabilities have been comprehensively upgraded .

【 System features 】

1, Distributed architecture is adopted in terminal operating system for the first time , Realize seamless collaboration experience across terminals

Hongmeng 2.0 Systematic “ Distributed operating system architecture ” and “ Distributed soft bus technology ” Through public communication platform , Distributed data management and , Distributed function scheduling and virtual peripherals , Enable developers to focus on their own business logic , Such as open . Develop cross terminal distributed applications like the same terminal , It can also enable end users to enjoy the seamless experience brought by the powerful cross terminal business collaboration capability for each use scenario .

2, Trusted security reconfiguration of terminal devices based on microkernel architecture

Hongmeng 2.0 The system adopts a new microkernel design , It has stronger security and low latency . The basic idea of microkernel design is to simplify the function of the kernel , Implement as many system services as possible in the user state outside the kernel , And increase mutual security protection . Microkernel only provides the most basic services , Such as multi process scheduling and multi process communication .

3, The delay engine and high-performance industrial computer technology are determined , Make the system natural and smooth

Hongmeng 2.0 The system uses deterministic delay engine and high performance IPC Two technologies are used to solve the problem of insufficient performance of the existing system . By determining the delay engine , The priority and time limit of task execution can be assigned to the system before task execution . Priority task resource priority scheduling , Application response latency reduction 25.7%.HarmonyOS Compact micro core structure , The performance of interprocess communication is greatly improved , The efficiency of process communication is higher than that of the existing system 5 times .

【 System highlights 】

1, New equipment : people , equipment , The scene is no longer isolated ; Safe and efficient connection of equipment around people , Combine the best experience based on the scene ; Mobile phones are not just mobile phones , It is also a key to open the whole scene world .

2, New interaction : Increasing equipment , But the interaction is still simple and efficient ; Human Centered Interaction in the whole scene , Create a smooth experience of interconnection of all things ; Consistent interaction , Intelligent collaboration , Let users on different devices , Switch freely in the scene .

3, New services : Applications and services change with people , On demand presentation ; Easily invoke different capabilities in a combination of devices , Give full play to the advantages of different equipment ; Seamless flow service scenario , Let users get rid of the shackles of devices , simplify what is complicated .

4, Join ecology

application development : Support easy call of different hardware capabilities in device combination , Support multi device seamless collaboration , Bring rich experience and imagination space for application developers .

Equipment development : Provide flexible and customizable open source operating system , Meet different equipment development needs ; After equipment access , Can cooperate with Huawei 1+8 Devices form natural distributed capabilities , Reach 100 million users with high efficiency .

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