Compared with ordinary membrane keyboard , The loud knocking sound of mechanical keyboard is one of its disadvantages , But there are also good mute mechanical keyboards , This is more expensive . The ordinary membrane keyboard generally has a low knocking sound .

3. Classification of mechanical keyboard

The mechanical keyboard can be divided into tea axes , Green axis , White axis , Black axis and red axis . It is precisely because each key is composed of an independent micro movement , Therefore, the key has a strong sense of paragraph , So as to produce a special hand feeling suitable for game entertainment , Therefore, it is usually used as a relatively expensive high-end game peripheral , It is also the standard equipment for programmers .

So what are the characteristics of each shaft And what is suitable for use ?

① Black axis

The black shaft is called the most primitive and purest mechanical shaft , It has ultra short trigger distance and maximum service life . Direct mechanical feeling : When pressing down from top to bottom, it presents a linear pressure feeling , So you don't have to press it to the bottom . The pressure of the whole control switch is generally concentrated in the middle ,“ Touch the bottom ” At the bottom of the key , therefore MX The black axis is usually made
Keyboard for game , Makes it easy to double-click the keyboard .

However, the shaft design of this keyboard is integral , When you press a key, the axis of the whole keyboard is pressed down , So the mechanical keyboard with black axis is not very cool when typing .

② Red axis

The red axis is lighter than the black axis , It is also a straightforward style of going up and down , The switch is linear , Top to bottom switch , But just a little driving force can touch the bottom of the switch , So it's slippery to use , It is easy for individual users to touch by mistake , But many players gave high praise , If matched properly, users can feel silky smoothness , so to speak MX The red axis keyboard is suitable for both typing and games .

③ Tea axis

The tea axis is the most comprehensive , The sense of paragraph is not as obvious as the green axis below , Fingers feel very comfortable , Moderate strength, suitable for a variety of environments , Both games and typing are good .

The tea shaft has a soft bulge at the switch , This makes it possible to hit the letter gently when typing , The benefit of this design for players is , It's much easier to double-click , In China, many programmers are using it MX Mechanical keyboard of tea shaft , You can also play games to relax after work .

④ Green axis

The most characteristic is the green axis , The green axis is generally a typist's dream , Rarely used in games , But it's my favorite , The feature is that the key is triggered only when the sound sounds , So it crackled when typing , Both fingertips and psychology have been greatly satisfied . But its “ maneuverability ” Typing and double clicking don't work well , Because the bottom ratio “ trigger ” Higher , This is especially suitable for text input , But pay attention to the noise , But that's what I like MX One of the reasons for the green axis .

⑤ White axis

Finally, let's talk about the white axis , At present, the white axis has basically stopped production , because MX White axis requires high “ drive ”, When pressing the keyboard, it will be harder than the ordinary keyboard , This kind of keyboard is generally selected for strong tactile feedback when pressing the keyboard , In some domestic supermarkets, the mechanical keyboard shaft of cash register should be a white shaft , But the color is black , It should be a domestic shaft produced by a small domestic factory .

⑥ Yellow axis

The Yellow axis is a new domestic axis , It is the keyboard axis independently developed by rapoo , Life reach 5000 Ten thousand times . Leibo said the Yellow axis was ready to explode , Feel closer to the black axis , But lighter than the black axis . The advantage of the Yellow axis is to break cherry Monopoly of , Lower price .

To sum up :

Black axis : The sense of paragraph is the least obvious , Minimum sound , Good performance in the game .

Red axis : It can give good consideration to the use needs of games and typing .

Tea axis : It is weaker than the paragraph sense of the green axis , Than the black axis is not straight up and down , It belongs to a more luxurious mechanical shaft . It combines the characteristics of green axis and black axis .

Green axis : It is the representative shaft of mechanical keyboard , Typing rhythm , But it's loud , Quite noisy .

White axis : It's hard to press , It's easy to get tired .

<>4. Top ten brands of mechanical keyboard

1) Thunder snake mechanical keyboard

2)Cherry Mechanical keyboard

3) Logitech mechanical keyboard

4) Sirui mechanical keyboard

: It's hard to press , It's easy to get tired .

<>4. Top ten brands of mechanical keyboard

1) Thunder snake mechanical keyboard

2)Cherry Mechanical keyboard

3) Logitech mechanical keyboard

4) Sirui mechanical keyboard