Learning technology is not easy , It's like monk Tang taking the Western Sutra , Need to experience physical pain and mental torture .

The most confused thing about learning is not sure whether you can learn it , Can you land after learning , Empower your career .

This anxiety accompanied my whole self-study process , I didn't settle until I got my first job .

Unconsciously, I have been engaged in embedded development for a long time 10 year , Accurately speaking, it is the development direction of embedded MCU .

From my impression 2017 I haven't updated or launched my resume since , This is the one who comes to me every day HR.

After all these years , Although there is no financial freedom , At least it's free to find a job , There is screening capital , ha-ha .

It's just that I've passed the first stage : There is no pressure to solve the problem of food and clothing with technology .

He was shallow when he was young , Pursue high wages , Jump wherever the salary is high , Many years later, I found that I couldn't rise after jumping .

The current salary level , Even if you give me another rise 1 It doesn't make much sense , First, it is impossible to knock the code on the front line for a lifetime , Second, I also want to break through myself , Old people also have the capital to boast .

Embedded technology involves too many technical fields , Take embedded as a general direction, how to learn , Talk about work , There is no point in talking about wages .

Because the positioning is not clear enough , Embedded subdivision has many different directions , Each direction is a position , The content of study and salary are different .

I've been painted by many bosses , Cause I'd rather believe the data , Even if the authenticity of the data is not 100%, Better than empty talk .

We take some data from the recruitment platform to analyze the current market situation of embedded mainstream posts :

1. MCU Engineer

2. Embedded Engineer

3. Electronic Engineer

4.Linux drive / Hardware Engineer

5.FPGA engineer

in addition to , There are also many positions related to embedded systems , Here are no examples .

Basically every post has 10K+ Recruitment needs , Overall, it's still very good .

This is the data level , Let me talk about my personal judgment on the trend of this industry .

In the next few years , The embedded industry will still grow savagely , The demand for the industry will also increase , Wages will continue to rise .

There are several bases , It's purely personal speculation , Let's evaluate by ourselves :

* What do you know about this industry
Most of the voices in this industry are persuasive , From the perspective of salary , I don't think so CS Good , Learning is also difficult , Led many people to give up EE to turn to CS.

For this , I agree , But the idea of using wages to evaluate the prospects of an industry is obviously wrong .

If you told dad a few years ago that you wanted to make money as a game anchor , I think your father will beat you up .

Even if your parents support you , You may not have a dime in the early stage .

But if you can get through that time , Which day did it break out , It is possible to realize wealth and freedom directly .

Can you say that playing games has no future ?

therefore , How well you do depends mainly on people , The gap between people is definitely not the level of wages .

Different industries , Their advantages and disadvantages are different , When you enter CS Yes , You may also find it terribly convoluted .

Although the salary doesn't look good CS high , But if you start a business , The products made are easier to build core competitiveness , Maybe one is enough to support you for several years .

But there is no doubt , The cost of product development will also be higher .

Adults should establish their own judgment , Don't listen to the wind is rain , If you don't like hardware, try switching to software , You can also make hardware if you like , Try more to find the right one .

2. Driven by the Internet of things

Once I thought the Internet of things was just a false proposition , It's a gimmick , But today, I find that it is not .

Now there are many mature product applications that constantly change our lives , Bring us convenience .

For example, express cabinet , Smart home , Internet of vehicles , Bike sharing , Charging pile , Smart parking lot, etc .

The potential value of the Internet of things is also beyond our imagination .

As long as we can really solve our pain points , Cost saving while improving efficiency , It must be the general trend .

And a complete Internet of things product , Embedded system is mainly responsible for hardware , Therefore, it will also drive the demand for this position .

therefore , In conclusion, as long as the embedded industry enters the industry , I'm not afraid I can't find a job .

Instead of worrying about finding a job , Why don't you think about how you study , How to enter the industry .

For some highly educated, you can directly take the high-end route of embedded development , If the education is not high , You can start with MCU development like me , Last year 20W It's not hard .

Finally, I suggest you to be a small partner who is ready to enter the industry or just engaged in this industry , Don't jump the industry frequently , Select a highly profitable industry and cultivate it to become an expert .

Then you won't be looking for a job , It's a job for you .