Although I can't get it , But I set fast !

hello everyone , I know Wang .

Once again, once a year, Alipay set up five activities . Although I know that it may be a dollar in the end , But Ben understood that he was very active in the activity , And found out the strategies of various sets of five fuka , In case of the last one 666
And ?

It's very easy to participate in this activity , We directly open Alipay. , Enter the five blessings activity on the home page , You can collect five blessings . According to the collection experience in previous years , commonly “ Professional blessing ” This card is difficult to collect , So next , If you understand Wang, let's take a look at the channels that can enable us to quickly collect the five blessings !

1. Alipay search Wei Ya .

Weiya is this year's Wufu ambassador , There's a good chance that vivia will be blessed , At the same time 2.3 There will also be special activities for souvia after the th .

2. Alipay searches consumer vouchers for lucky cards

Search for coupons and participate in related activities , Three chances to get lucky cards , Overall, the probability of drawing is still very high .

3. Scan tradition “ blessing ” word

everyday 3 second , This method is the simplest and most direct way to sweep the word Fu , You can have three opportunities a day .

4. Scan special below “ blessing ” word , You can get a random Fukuka .

5. Write blessing characters

On the Alipay Fu Ji Wu Fu page, Fu Fu card can carry out handwriting blessing to get fukha. , You can get two fortune cards at random .

6. stay APP Medium looking “ Blessing blind box ”, Issue random fuka .


* Search for brand names in Alipay .
Alipay home search : sound of dripping water , MENGNIU , FAW Volkswagen , Yintai department store , Kentucky Fried Chicken , McDonald's , Da Yue Cheng , SF City Express , Liufu jewelry , Pizza hut , Starbucks Unilever , Sand ship OLE , Ding Dong shopping , Tianneng battery ,e
Bag washing , Puff card , Daily limit .

8. Give a friend a lucky card to get a sticky lucky card .

9. Sweep brand Defu card .

Mobile phone Alipay opens sweep : MENGNIU , FAW Volkswagen , Haier , Meitu XiuXiu , Xinhua News Agency , Mango TV And other brand trademarks can also get a lucky card at random , If the scan is not successful, scan several more times .

10. There is also a way to get universal blessing , It was an invitation to Alipay's relatives and friends. , You can get a panacea .

In addition, there are 2.4 Ant forest and Barbara farm , You can participate directly on the Wufu page .

We should be calm about the matter of collecting Deputy cards , Focus on participation , If there are other methods of jifuka, you are welcome to add !

There is also a small benefit , Brother Xing has collected the most difficult professional blessings , You can use the sticky blessing card to stick brother Xing's professional blessing to the picture ! Add directly “ Yixing black Technology ” Wechat to get professional blessing .

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