We are programmers , In addition to entrepreneurship , I'm afraid going to a big factory is my biggest dream . with BAT The first-line Internet company headed by is definitely its ultimate goal , Of course, I can work in these enterprises for a period of time , Presumably, it will also provide a lot of experience for subsequent entrepreneurship . After all, I can work in these big factories , In addition to high salary and good treatment , Ability and technology can be improved , The most important thing is to be able to coat yourself with gold , Let people admire .

alike , The personal goal of a good friend is also Ali , But I've been in a small company before , Stay for years , Later, through continuous learning and practice , I have improved myself a lot , Also have the confidence to challenge Ali .

Ali's interview experience this time is really too nervous, my friend said + stimulate + Embarrassed , Confident before the interview , After the interview, he was hanged to doubt his life . The whole process is divided into four parts , The front two sides are still smooth with the wind and water , Quite arrogant , The last round of technical and
HR Face to let him understand , What is Ali ?

Because the three sides are called an interior P8 The architect came in person , The questions asked were quite professional , And very thin , For example, high concurrency , How do businesses with short task execution time use thread pool ? Low concurrency , How do businesses with long task execution time use thread pool ? High concurrency , How to use thread pool for businesses with long execution time ? And scene questions : Add a timeout exception to a method .

Anyway, the answer is stumbling , People are approachable , But when I came out of the interview, my face was hot , There is always a sense of shame .

But fortunately, the interview went well in the end , It's really not natural to play , But because of a lot of preparation , It's all answered . at present offer
We've got it , Although only P6, But the salary was also quite satisfactory , Much better than your last job , As for the specific background of the individual , I won't explain them one by one .

Actually, before the interview , This friend is here, too GitHub I got a standard star on the Internet 120k of Java Comprehensive analysis of intermediate and advanced knowledge . Because there are more people who need to change jobs after years , Share it here for free , Let's take a brief look at the table of contents and some screenshots . Mainly include
Java Basics ,Java container ,Java Concurrent ,Java Virtual machines and Java
IO. It also comes with a network ,linux, Data structure and algorithm , database , system design , Must know tool , Interview guide, etc , Very comprehensive .

This is free sharing ! Some screenshots are shown below , Click the business card at the end of the text , You can get it for free by scanning the code !

( one ). Basics

1,Java basic skill

* Java introduction ( Basic concepts and common sense )
* Java grammar
* Basic data type
* method ( function )

2,Java object-oriented

* Classes and objects
* Three characteristics of object-oriented
* Modifier
* Interfaces and abstract classes
* Other important knowledge points

3,Java core technology

* aggregate
* abnormal
* Multithreading
* Documents and I\O flow

( two ). Concurrent

1, Concurrent container

* JDK Summary of concurrent containers provided
* ConcurrentHashMap
* CopyOnWriteArrayList
* ConcurrentLinkedQueue
* BlockingQueue
* ConcurrentSkipListMap

2, Thread pool

* Benefits of using thread pools
* Executor frame
* ( important )ThreadPoolExecutor Class introduction
* ( important )ThreadPoolExecutor Use example
* Detailed explanation of several common thread pools
* ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor Explain in detail
* Thread pool size determination

3, Optimistic lock and pessimistic lock

* What is pessimistic lock and optimistic lock
* Two common implementations of optimistic locks
* Disadvantages of optimistic lock
* CAS And synchronized Usage scenarios for

( three ). JVM

1,Java Memory area

* summary
* Runtime data area
* HotSpot Exploration of virtual machine objects
* Key supplementary contents

2,JVM garbage collection

* open JVM Mysterious veil of memory allocation and recycling
* The object is dead ?
* Garbage collection algorithm
* garbage collector

3,JDK Monitoring and troubleshooting tools

* JDK Command line tools
* JDK Visual analysis tool

( four ) network ,linux, Data structure and algorithm , database , system design , Must know tool , Interview guide

Because the space is limited , Other contents will not be displayed one by one , This advanced note has a total of 512 page . It should be very helpful for small partners who want to advance , I hope it can help you, too .
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