In our life, we often hear CPU This word , But do you know CPU What do you mean? ? In fact, many friends don't know CPU What does that mean , Let's talk about it CPU What the hell is it .

CPU It's English :Central Processing Unit Abbreviation of .Central Processing
Unit The translation is -- Central Processing Unit , therefore ,CPU Is the abbreviation of central processing unit . So what is the central processing unit ?

Central Processing Unit (CPU) It is a very large scale integrated circuit , It is the computing core of a computer (Core) And control core ( Control
Unit). Its main function is to interpret computer instructions and process data in computer software .

Central Processing Unit (CPU) It mainly includes arithmetic unit ( Arithmetic logic operation unit ,ALU,Arithmetic Logic
Unit) And cache memory (Cache) And the data to realize the connection between them (Data), Control and status bus (Bus). It is connected with internal memory (Memory) And input / output (I/O) The equipment is collectively known as the three core components of electronic computer .

In short ,CPU Equivalent to the brain of an electronic computer , It processes tens of thousands of data in an orderly manner , To ensure the operation of electronic computers .

decision CPU The computing power of is affected by the following three factors .

1. CPU Dominant frequency of .CPU Main frequency of , On behalf of CUP Computing power .CPU The higher the dominant frequency , The stronger the ability to process data , such as 2GHz of CPU yes 1GHz of CPU Twice as much as ;

CPU Kernel number of .CPU What is the number of cores , Also represents CUP Computing power .CPU The more cores , The stronger the ability to process data , Mononuclear CPU It's equivalent to only one brain , Binuclear CPU It's equivalent to having two brains , Multicore CPU It's equivalent to having multiple brains . therefore , When the dominant frequency is the same , Binuclear CPU It's single core CPU Twice as much as ;

CPU Cache of . Working hours ,CPU It is often necessary to repeatedly read the same data block from memory and hard disk ,CPU The larger the cache capacity , Can be greatly improved CPU Hit rate of internal read data , So you don't have to look for it in memory or hard disk , So as to improve the system performance . therefore ,CPU The larger the cache, the better .

After the above pair CPU Introduction of , I'm sure you won't ask again CPU What does that mean . But finally, let's sum up .CPU yes Central Processing
Unit Abbreviation of , Central processing unit .CPU It is the central processing unit of an electronic computer , Like the human brain, it processes thousands of data .CPU Dominant frequency of , The number of cores and the cache are critical CPU Three factors of computing power .CPU The higher the dominant frequency , More cores , The larger the cache , The stronger its computing power .