My cousin is from a project team Java development , I came back from the holiday half a month ahead of the Chinese new year this year , As soon as we met, we brought one for each of our brothers and sisters iPhone13pm. This move is really generous , Think about his work unit , Maybe thirty or forty thousand is just half a month's salary for him . Think about my small company , Do the same Java Developed , Why is the gap so big .

I talked a lot with him these two days , He said that although his current work is busy , But it's basically directing the people below , To this extent , You also need to start realizing your self-worth , So I opened accounts on many online platforms , Specially answer netizens about Java Problems in the field . I also took advantage of the situation to ask him some problems in his daily work , After talking to him, it suddenly opened up , It is worthy of being an experienced old developer .

Then he turned on the computer and sent a copy
“JAVA Deep analysis of advanced core knowledge ” Give it to me , Said it was internal training materials , This information is more powerful , It covers almost all Java Core knowledge points , And incorporated some of my cousin's own experience and ideas !

Let's show you some screenshots first , You can get it from me if you need it , The contact information is in the business card at the end of the text , Code scanning plus my wechat will give you the full version for free PDF file , No routine free .

Content includes :Java Basics ,Java aggregate , abnormal & reflex ,IO&NIO, Multithreading ,JVM,Linux,MySql,Spring,Spring
Cloud,Mybatis,Nginx,Redis,Dubbo,Kafka,,SpringBoot, resume .

Content introduction

one ,java Knowledge part


JVM It's primary Java The only way for programmers to grow , study JVM before , Only need to know the code compiled into Class, Virtual machine loading Class Just run it , study JVM
after , You can deeply understand the process of code from compilation to loading , Creation and garbage collection of objects in memory , Quickly locate performance problems in daily development, etc , Of course, it is also an indispensable bonus in the interview .

 2.Java aggregate :

3. Multithreading concurrency : Basics

 5,spring principle

  two , Database part

three , Distributed high concurrency architecture

This part is about distributed architecture knowledge , include Redis,Zookeeper, Database performance optimization , Load balancing, etc !

five , Microservice knowledge

There are many small partners interviewed recently , I hope it can help more people successfully pass the interview of large factories , If you need to click on the business card below, you can get it for free , If you think it's useful, please give me some comments and praise and forward it to Sanlian ~~