stay 6 month 24 day win 11 After system release , Bring you updated tutorials . Microsoft recently announced that it would 6 month 24 Held on “What’s next for
Windows” activity , Bring you the next generation of desktop operating system Windows 11 And its app store .
You can find the official release of Microsoft through some platforms Windows 11 Notice , see Windows 11 New content , understand Windows 11.Windows
11 The system cannot be upgraded temporarily , at present Windows 11 Not officially released yet , Previously installed by users Windows
11 The system is a mirror version , According to the current disclosure ,Windows The system codes being developed by the team are Sun Valley and Cobalt, Guess one of them will be Win11 Real body .
There is news that ,Sun Valley Will bring a new start menu , Operation center , taskbar , Context menu , Pop ups, etc UI, Visual style adjustment and large-scale scheduler update .
because Intel Alder
Lake Hybrid architecture , Current Win10 Not optimized yet , So in “Win11” Will have better multitasking performance , Optimize thread scheduling , Save resources and improve overall speed .
although 6 month 24 It will be announced on the th , but “Win11” The scale push will wait until the fourth quarter of this year , The good news is ,Win10 Users will be able to upgrade for free .

at present win11 The system has not been officially released , So it hasn't been pushed here yet win11 to update .
So we can download it directly win11 Upgrade method of system image win11 system .

If you are not sure whether to update , You can wait patiently for a while , How about online evaluation . Xiaobian has experienced virtual machines before Windows11, No language pack , Even if you choose simplified Chinese 95% All in English , That's it . It is temporarily recommended not to install in the physical machine , Wait for Microsoft to further improve before installing .

I tried ,ui Not bad ( Kind of like MacOS) After installation, I found that there was no shutdown button in the lower right corner !!!