Accidentally deleted a partition of a dynamic disk , It's full of important data , So we started a crazy data recovery operation , Finally, all important data will be recovered , And can be opened normally , I hope this experience can help other friends who have the same experience .

<> Delete partition by mistake

System is win7 of , There is one 2T Hard disk ( Let's call it hard disk for the time being X), After many partition operations, it becomes a dynamic disk , There are 3-4 Partitions , Each partition is not continuous ( This is what dynamic disks do , A partition may not occupy contiguous disk space ).
stay “ Disk management ” Accidentally right click in - remove volume , The entire partition is gone ( Let's call it partition F).

<> What should I do now

Deleting a volume simply deletes the partition table , But all the data is still there , So don't panic , Follow the steps below , All the data can be found .

* Do not on the hard drive X Write data in
from now on , Do not do anything that may go to the hard disk X Operation of writing data in , Otherwise, write a new to the hard disk X Your data may overwrite your original data , It's hard to recover .
* Save open file
If there is an open partition at this time F File , congratulations , Save these files to a hard disk , Then turn it off .
* Prepare one PE disc
PE There must be diskgenius.
only diskgenius Only most directory structures and files can be recovered , There will be some files that cannot be retrieved , Even if it is retrieved, it cannot be opened . This is the time winhex To remedy , I'll talk about it later winhex.
PE The disc can be used by itself ,U Pan do , If so PE disc , next step .
* Enough space on other hard drives
This is important , The files recovered by various tools should be saved in another hard disk first , Otherwise you restore the files and put the hard disk X After covering , Some files are found to be unusable , It may be too late to recover .
* Shut down
Turn it off , Ready to use PE Disk recovery data
<> Recovery phase I :DiskGenius

* PE Disk start
* get into DiskGenius
* Select hard disk F, choice “ Search partition ” or “ Search for missing partitions ”, choice “ Entire disk ”, Start waiting .
* Copy recovered directory structure and files
This step is important !
Never save the partition table ! It says that this is a dynamic disk , Many files are in discrete disk areas , Therefore, the partition table recovered at this time is incomplete .
What to do now is , Check the recovered partition directory , Copy all the files to be recovered to other hard disks .
By this point, you have finished 50% Yes .
* Restore file
Incomplete files recovered in the previous step , So I'll do it again “ Recovery of deleted or formatted files ”, wait for , Or save the recovered files to the appropriate location bit by bit .
Come here 80% All files have been recovered successfully , But you will find that some files cannot be opened , At this time, because the dynamic disk is discontinuous on the disk when partitioning , The file location of partition table guidance is incorrect .
Look at the folders carefully , You will find that important files cannot be opened , Remember the types of these files , Then you need winhex Here to help .

<> Recovery phase II :Winhex

You can turn it on at this time , download winhex Then use , Note that the same should not be done on the hard disk F Save file on . of course ,PE It's on the plate winhex better , You can use it directly .

* tool - Open disk - Select hard disk F
* tool - Disk tools - Restore by file type
Select the file type you want to restore , Start recovering , Remember to put the recovered files on another hard disk .
* Retrieve file
After you get the recovered files, you will understand why you didn't use them at first winhex The file has been restored :winhex All recovered files do not have a file name , All numbers .
I already know what I'm looking for I've lost my file , Then be patient and look in this pile of documents , I'm sure I can get the important documents back .
<> summary

It's nothing to look for this wrong deletion of the partition , Of course, there are objective reasons : Dynamic partitions are not contiguous in the diagram of disk manager , It's easy to select a small partition and delete it , It turned out to be part of a large partition , Finally, the whole partition was gone , tragedy .

* Why not diskgenius Software version

Free software version diskgenius Many functions don't work , And very slow .PE Although the version is low , But that's enough , and PE Many versions are professional , Full function , The most important thing is fast , It will not cause new write operations on the hard disk , security .
* Calm down

Don't calm down after deleting by mistake , Avoid any other operations . I click from “ remove volume ”, Successfully recovered in the end 95% File , Spent 2 Day time , Most of the time because I'm not sure what to do when I recover , And then back again . The above process is a successful experience .
* Slight regret

Of course, some files have not been recovered , Like some py The tools are gone ( because winhex There are no options of this type in ). I think it can be recovered ,winhex You can study it again . besides ,word,excel,ppt Files can be recovered , It can be used safely .