When I first worked in Ali , Nothing , That's called a pain , The working environment is also under great pressure . I can't endure without working for a few days . But after all, this is my first job since I entered the society , Always stick to it , At least that's what I thought . Because their technical skills are not good , I don't understand all kinds of technology , Everything has to start from scratch . In this way, step by step with tears and sweat, I have persisted until now . High working pressure , Fast pace , But it did grow technically , Especially when you maintain the system related to the promotion , hold out to a certain point P7 It took a lot of effort . For programmers , It is more and more important to build your professional competitiveness . and “ Project experience ” and “ Technical depth ” It directly determines the salary thickness of the interview . I am also a person who loves learning , Put these years of work experience into a complete note . This note has helped friends get Tencent , Ali , Meituan et al 10 individual offer.

Include code refactoring , data structure , operating system ,C++/C, Network classics , Front end Programming classic ,Java relevant , Programmer cognition , Career development ), Interview, job search information, etc .. Some notes are shown below , need
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Java Basics













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