Today, I'd like to discuss with you a very hot issue : What strength do you need as a software test engineer .

<> Hard power : education + technology

At present, with the development of society , Various industries have higher and higher requirements for post education , Especially for technical posts with high salary level .

Test general skills :

Software testing knowledge ( Various test theories , test method , Test case writing ,bug Submit tracking ); Computer knowledge ( operating system , database , Communication protocol )

Product business analysis capability , This generally requires the accumulation of testing experience

Use of common test tools , for example :

Defect management tool : ZenTao ,Jira

Version integration management :Git,Jenkins

Network packet capture tool :fiddler,charles

Environment deployment management :Docker

Interface test tool :Postman,Jmeter

App Special test :Perfdog,Qnet,monkey wait

If you step up a little , Automated test capability :

Familiar with at least one programming language , image Java,Python

Master the mainstream automated testing framework :

web Terminal Automation Test , proposal selenium+pytest/unittest;

App Mobile terminal Automation Test , proposal Appium+pytest/unittest;

Interface automation test , proposal requests+pytest/unittest.

A little higher , You may need to go , Performance test capability , Test development capability to enrich

<> soft power : ability + Idiosyncrasy

“ indulge in the wildest fantasy ” ability

For example, when we interview test engineers , We often encounter such problems : Randomly designate an item in life , Like a water cup , Then ask how you should test ? If you only talk about functional test points , I believe your test will not work well , Because this topic is to examine your comprehensive test thinking , The more “ indulge in the wildest fantasy ”, The more in line with the interviewer's expectations , So it's not just about function , You also need to start from the interface , Ease of use , compatibility , security , Stress and other aspects to think and answer .

How to think “ Lazy ”

It's lazy here , Not that I'm lazy at work and play with my cell phone , Tiktok , But learn to be lazy , How to save work efficiency , For example, the evolution of automated testing , It's actually out of “ Lazy ” Ideas , Put some repeatability , simple , Manual testing without technical content is left to the code .

In general , As a software test engineer , We need to be both hard and soft , Only in this way can we go further .

Finally, I also share a test data with friends of software testing :

Above , For software testing friends, it should be the most comprehensive and complete war preparation warehouse , In order to better organize each module , I also refer to many high-quality online blogs and projects , Try not to miss every knowledge point , Many friends rely on these contents for review , Got it BATJ And so on offer, This repository has also helped many learners of software testing , I hope it can help you too .

If you don't want to experience self-study again, you can't find the materials , No one answered the question , If you insist on giving up after a few days , You can join our buckle group 【946094265】, There are various software testing resources and technical discussions .

Opportunity favors only those who are prepared , This is a society of skill . occasionally , The reason why you don't develop well , Not because there is no opportunity , But because you're not ready , Cause the opportunity to pass you by . If you want to learn , It's never too late to start , Instead of looking ahead , You just have to do your best , Leave the rest to time !

Come on , Tester ! The road is under your feet , Success is tomorrow !