Whether individual players or game studio groups, if they need to play more games , Be sure to prevent login IP Shielded . However, most game servers restrict game login IP. Use the same IP Log in to multiple accounts , It is particularly easy to cause the account to be blocked . How to prevent multiple games from being banned ? This involves why the game studio should use it IP sea IP Agent to open more games . The key to making money for the game studio is to minimize the probability of account closure . If the account is blocked repeatedly , Then the time spent on the account is wasted , Everything has to be done again . The key to banning multiple accounts is IP address . If we have a way to solve this IP problem , Then it will be easier and simpler to play more games, making it more convenient to play games .

How does the game studio solve it IP Sealed ? Here we first understand a concept , For game studios , What is a single IP, In the form of single line and multi wave to avoid the problem of account closure . The so-called single machine order IP, Simply put, one for each computer IP( Each computer / Each device has its own independent when logging in to the game IP), It also needs to realize the function of no dialing . Single line multi dial here means that we can open multiple ports by applying for only one network cable ( The number of ports opened is unlimited ), Use the account obtained by opening the network cable on the computer to dial up and connect to the port independently , Single line and multi wave can be realized . Due to independent dialing , These computers IP dissimilarity , Effectively avoided IP The problem caused the account to be blocked . This needs to apply for more dialing in the relevant network department , At present, this method is hardly used .

So is there any way for the game studio to solve it effectively IP What about the problem and the way of being blocked ? We can use IP sea IP agent , It is stable and simple IP Software , Can replace mobile phone and computer IP address , Modify the simulator virtual machine or soft routed network IP. And the game anti blocking agent IP And agents IP It's essentially the same . Use game anti blocking agent IP Each computer can have different IP. This implementation is our computer through access to the game anti blocking agent IP Get data from server / Send request , Game anti blocking agent IP The server gets the information just like the target server and returns it to our computer , So as to realize IP change . Let each computer have its own independent IP, Can effectively prevent the game studio account because IP Purpose of problem closure , At the same time, reduce the network cable cost , Wide range of applications , In this way, each game account can have an exclusive account IP, Ensure the accessibility of the account . Independence and authenticity .