wonder 5G Approximate price of base station , We can move through China 2020 year 5G The equipment procurement scheme is simply calculated : This purchase 5G The number of base stations is 23.2 Ten thousand , The total amount of procurement is 100 million yuan , Equivalent to each 5G The cost of the base station is 16 About 10000 yuan . amount to 4G Base station price 2.5 About times .

Let's talk about it carefully 5G base station ( Acer station ) Why is it so expensive? .

Let's have a look first 5G Composition of base station

5G The base station is mainly composed of BBU and AAU form , Its cost is generally , By the master device (BBU,AAU), Power supporting equipment ( Power Supply , Battery , air conditioner , monitor ), Common composition of civil construction .

Cost of main equipment

At present, the standard configuration of telecom equipment manufacturers is generally :1 individual BBU+3 individual AAU.BBU It generally includes baseband board , Main control board , Power module, etc , The baseband board is the most expensive 2 About 10000 , The others add up to a few thousand dollars . and AAU What's your price 2-3 Ten thousand yuan , So just look at the main equipment , A standard base station needs 10 About 10000 .

Let's look at the cost of power supporting equipment

The power supporting equipment provides power and cooling guarantee for the base station , It is the necessary infrastructure for the normal operation of a base station . Generally include : cabinet , Power supply equipment and storage battery, etc . The general price of cabinet is 5000 element / individual , And the power cabinet is also there 5000~10000 About yuan .

The battery is in case of accidental power failure of the base station , Providing emergency power . The base station room is also equipped with air conditioning and monitoring equipment , These add up to about 1 About 10000 yuan . That's it , The cost of the whole power supporting equipment is about 3-5 About 10000 yuan .

Finally, the tower and civil construction costs

The cost depends on different circumstances ( Self built property or not , Is it in the city center or in the suburbs ), There will be great differences . Generally speaking, the market rent in the city center may be 5~6 ten thousand .

The tower is divided into single tube tower , Angle steel tower , Landscape tower , Various types such as holding pole , The price of different types of iron towers varies greatly . Hold and hang high 20 Meters of simple tower , The cost is about 6~9 Ten thousand yuan .


The above expenses are added together , Is to build a 5G All the hardware costs of the Acer station , It's about 30 About 10000 . The labor cost is still not calculated , If you add labor , It is expected that 40~50 ten thousand .

In addition, it should be pointed out that , Operator construction 5G Base station time , Rarely new construction . most 5G Base stations are all in the existing network of operators 2/3/4G Based on the base station . In this way, only the main equipment needs to be replaced , And other minor modifications , The actual cost is much lower than that of the new one 5G base station .

Except Acer station , For better signal coverage , A large number of micro base stations need to be deployed indoors . The deployment cost of micro base stations mainly lies in site rent and wiring construction , Its equipment cost is relatively low , I'll stop talking .

In short, construction 5G network , It is a huge expense for operators , Therefore, in order to recover costs faster , It will maintain a high for a long time 5G postage . only 5G After commercial maturity , We can enjoy it at a cheap price 5G The pleasure of surfing the Internet .


Shanghai Construction 2 Ten thousand 5G base station , Accumulated total investment exceeds 200 RMB 100 million , It is inferred that each 5G The construction cost of the base station exceeds 100 Ten thousand yuan .

this 100 Ten thousand yuan includes 5G Equipment procurement , iron tower ( Huawei doesn't do tower business , There are specialized companies to do it ) Procurement and installation, etc , Not just 5G Equipment cost . The subject wants to know the exact quotation of the equipment , Please call Huawei / NOKIA / Ericsson customer service telephone consultation , Want to hear my estimate , You can keep looking down .

Huawei 2018 Annual report display , The revenue of the operator's business is 2940 RMB 100 million , And our country 5G Investment will reach 1.2 Trillion yuan , Equivalent 5G Base station at least 120 Wan Zuo , By Huawei , The lowest standard estimate of the three equal shares of Nokia and Ericsson , Huawei can be assigned 40 10000 base station orders , Huawei revenue per base station 60 Wan Zhi 80 10000 yuan calculation ( The remaining expenses include miscellaneous expenses such as tower procurement and installation ), Total income available 2400 Billion to 3200 RMB 100 million , Approaching or slightly exceeding 2018 Annual operator business income .

Considering this 40 Orders for 10000 base stations take three to four years (5G Full network completion time ) Digestion , It is equivalent to the annual revenue brought by the domestic market to Huawei 800 About 100 million , Plus foreign orders , Huawei because 5G The bonus is still very generous .

therefore ,5G Cost per base station ( Quotation from telecom equipment supplier to operator ) Probably 60 Ten thousand yuan to 80 Between 10000 yuan .