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What is enterprise cloud ?

Enterprise Cloud means that enterprises can easily use resources on demand through the network ( Including computing resources , Storage resources , Application software , Service and network, etc ), And highly scalable , Flexible and manageable business model , With large scale , Virtualization , High reliability and elastic configuration . Enterprise Cloud , It can improve the efficiency of resource allocation , Reduce the cost of information construction , Promote the development of sharing economy , Accelerate the conversion of old and new kinetic energy .

Why Huawei cloud ?

Huawei 100000 engineers , Annual R & D investment of 10 billion US dollars , Technology continues to lead

Huawei R & D Engineer , Annual R & D investment of 10 billion US dollars , In the operating system , database , artificial intelligence , compiler , Codec , The algorithm is technically fruitful , Continuous lead

Achievement opening , Share Huawei Technology dividends

Huawei continues to make technological R & D achievements , with 220 A variety of cloud services are provided to customers of Qianxing Baiye , Partners and developers , So that small and medium-sized enterprises can also enjoy Huawei cloud technology dividends , Use good products with excellent performance , Leading innovation opportunities .

Continuous leading cloud native infrastructure

Optimus architecture , Improve resource utilization 40%; New generation ECS
C7 Cloud server , Calculation force improvement of the whole machine 50%; Object storage service OBS, Leading the industry 2-5 times , support 2.4Gbps High bandwidth , Accelerate the release of data value ; Elastic expansion ELB, Four layer load balancing 2000 Wan concurrent ,10 Times leading similar products in the industry ; Content distribution network CDN: Global coverage 2500 node , Industry unique AI-Cache Smart Cache for , The hit rate can be improved compared with traditional 10%-20%, Network wide secure transmission anti-theft chain , Stable and reliable , Availability up to 99.9%

Ultra high performance cloud database products

Hua Weiyun GaussDB(for MySQL),TPCH The test performance is an open source version 34 times ,1 Second level alarm monitoring , Support cross AZ deploy , data 0 lose

Industry leading performance and cost performance of big data

Compute storage separation , Expand and shrink as needed , Cost performance leading the industry 30%, Champion of special evaluation of large clusters of the Ministry of industry and information technology

Pangu model , make AI New paradigm of development and Application

Pangu model ,1700 100 million parameters , Hundredfold performance improvement ,AI Content audit accuracy up to 95%; Implementation from “ Workshop style AI development ” reach ” industrialization AI development ”,AI The development cycle is shortened from month level to day level or even hour level

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