PySimpleGui It's a very Python Library of , Although not as good as Qt Powerful , However, due to the use of python The grammar of style design is very grounded for programming Xiaobai . Let's show you one first PySimpleGui Rendering made .

Design ideas

Step1 Draw gui sketch

Step2 take gui Split by line

Step3 Configure the corresponding components for each part

Attached code

The first line is just a text prompt , use sg.Text

The second line has an input field

The third line is a OK Button

Now we have defined all three lines , Then putting these three lines of defined code into a list represents the organizational structure of the whole window . last , If your time is not very tight , And want to be fast python increase , The most important thing is not afraid of hardship , I suggest you can set up a micro ♥ letter :762459510
, That's really good , Many people are making rapid progress , You are not afraid of hardship ! You can add it and have a look ~

The complete code is as follows :

Operation effect :

Drop down options

Slide bar


check box


Folder browsing

progress bar

Layout of columns

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