I believe many people have taken private jobs , I want to tell you about my personal experience , Hope to help more garden friends , take warning , I also have many reasons in this project , Self review again ( I hope I can better improve myself through every self reflection ), okay
Say the theme . stay 3 month 19 No. 1 found a private job through a friend's introduction , The requirements are explained through contact , Because the project is tight ,4 month 1 No. 1 should be put into operation , I think in this case, I need to find a stable and technically good friend to cooperate with me . There are four reasons , first : We can agree on technology . second : They don't dig holes in each other . third : Someone can help me communicate with customers while I'm away . fourth : We trust each other . I thought of my friend for the first time (DZ). This man is a little God ( If anyone is interested, I can give you the contact information !). ha-ha

Chapter I

OK, let's start !20 Day night with customers ( Actually, he's alive , Outsourcing project , The real customer is someone else , He is responsible for the design ) Make an appointment . We several QQ It can be said that demand , It was agreed Excel in 10 individual sheet Requirements in page , No other . this 10 individual sheet All the pages are designed by my client , He said he had done technical work before , I said all right !( Because he communicates with real customers, he knows the business , So I promised him ), We just need to work . The first day I was with my friends DZ Give him an offer after negotiation ! The next day I met with my client , Put me and the other day DZ The problems found correspond to the contract one by one . We explained some specific problems to the customer , The customer also gave me a reply , It's not that hard , Make sure to go home one by one ,21 No. get the source code , Me and DZ After reading the code, we found that this project is more disgusting than we thought . But the degree of nausea is acceptable . Causes of nausea :1, Yes mvc Architecture, but not mvc Writing method of .2, Many things in the project are not extensible for secondary development .3,bs As the front desk . Backstage is winfrom control . Me and DZ Under negotiation
It's OK. It's just a little troublesome , It can be redeveloped . We began to follow the customer's design Excel Design to do . I stayed at home for two days on Saturday and Sunday , Done 50% demand , We discussed it with the customer before 3 month 25 No. look at the progress , If you pay for the project half done 50%, We have two days on Saturday and Sunday
Monday night till early morning 1 spot ; Project has been greater than 50%. I vowed to turn off my notebook and go to bed .

Chapter II

The next day is Tuesday (24 number ). I wanted to come back to work in the evening . But I received a call from a design customer who said he wanted me to attend his meeting with real customers . I said yes . stay QQ Our discussion group , They kept discussing , We found that the design customers deviated from the real customer needs . The demand is not just what he gave us Excel Those in . It may double the original demand , become 20
Sheet page , There are many thorny problems . And the problems we confirmed with him before construction , As we expected , There it is . We found us in the pit . break up , The customer said he didn't expect so much .DZ Say either we quit
Give him the source code , It's for nothing , I thought , Introduced by friends , The other is that the project is in a hurry , Suddenly say no , For our efforts
It's not a small price for the customer's time . I said yes , However, the construction period must be postponed , Customers also know that demand is increasing . The next day I met with the customer and demonstrated to him the functions we had done a few days ago , He said no problem . Later, he said that he would add functions to us 1k Wages , I hehe for a while , Thought in my heart , It's not for the face of my friends. I'm not for this 1k Talk to you about this project . Show him , He suddenly said something . The current project schedule has not been completed 50%, I'll answer him directly : If there are no requirements added later 70% Yes, too . He was silent ! Real customers say the project is postponed to 4 month 10 Just finish it on the 1st ! We continue to work !

Chapter III

one day .............. Sleep in the morning !

one day .............. before dawn 1 Go to bed !

one day .............. Sleep in the morning !

After working for a few days, I found that there was too much demand . No way. We're looking for another friend to work on the project !

one day .............. Sleep in the morning !

one day .............. before dawn 1 Go to bed !

one day .............. Sleep in the morning !

That's it until 4 month 3 number ! Before Qingming . Completed the overall requirements 90%! We were relieved !

Chapter IV

The customer said to release it to the customer before Qingming Let real customers have a clear test ! I said yes ! Give me their server
I posted it to him , find ftp It fails to work well . The file cannot be uploaded to the server , no way out , It's already midnight 2 Yes . I restored the database remotely , backstage winfrom, Package front desk documents , Send to customer , I think I've done development and technology after all , I ftp It can't be released. Send it to him. He'll use it tomorrow ftp Upload IIS Just publish it , As a result, I haven't had a good Qingming Festival , Call from time to time , tell me iis He doesn't understand , I don't understand , There is a problem with the code . holy crap . I've been speechless for three days . I got home to him the night after the holiday
Configured the following web.config Database connection . You can surf the Internet , This point breaks the problem , Tortured me for three days , I really doubt whether I have really done technology . continue ,,,,,,

Chapter V

Come back to our team 3 One person took the rest 10% Need to finish .4 month 10 Official launch test of No ! This item has come to an end ..........

Chapter VI

4 month 15 number Send me a test result , Have style Bug problem , Let's revise it , It's released Another paragraph ............

Chapter VII

4 month 19 Call me again on the th , Say the demand is wrong ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Chapter VIII

4 month 20 No. told us that the demand was wrong . You have to add other functions , We are ashamed ......... According to his design, he said no .................... Collapsing .......................

My heart can't be calm ! It feels like it's cheating ! I promised before ! ours bug We can change it , But such a change will have to be changed as a whole ! The demand is wrong , Push the problem to our development side . Functions not in the requirements document can also be counted .

for example : Customers ask you to be a corporate website , You make a corporate website , the second day , The customer said that the enterprise website should be made like a potato . I really want to say , Are you playing !!!!!!

DZ Talked to the customer for a while , That's all , He said do it , That's all , Change it ! ok Compromise again ! ok !

I hope this is the end of the project ! A function of several thousand dollars has been done 1 More than months ! hey

Personal summary

1. It's important for the team to be the teammate of the project , Good teammates trust each other , Share the pressure with each other

2. Take the team to do the project and understand that the business is very important. Do you want to let others design the business for you , It's passive

3. Never give the design to someone who doesn't know technology , Don't give it to people who don't understand the system , Don't give it to people who don't know the business

4. If you don't have enough time, don't take private work , Very tired

5. Take over private work and prepare for demand confirmation in the early stage of the project

6. Make a reasonable project schedule

7. Not because of friends , Do things in the face of friends , It's you who suffer

8. Don't think everyone can be trusted

9. Appropriate filtration requirements ( thank shaomeng Valuable advice )

The above are my first private experience , Don't spray if you don't like it . Personal ideas . each airs his own views . If you have more experience, please leave your valuable comments , For communication ! thank you