<>adb Command collation

frequently-used ADB command

adb reboot: reboot device

adb devices: View connected devices

adb start-server: open adb service

adb kill-server: close adb service

adb install *.apk: install Apk(adb install daidu.apk)

adb uninstall *.apk: Pre unloading apk

adb shell +su : Switch to root jurisdiction

adb shell wm size: Gets the size of the screen

adb shell wm density: Gets the resolution of the screen

adb remount; Mount equipment

adb push xxx( file ) xxx/xx( File path ): Push a file to a path on the device

adb pull xx xxx/xx: Get a file from the device

adb logcat : View device log information

adb logcat -c: eliminate log information

adb logcat -s +" cccc": filter cccc log information

adb shell am start -n + Package name /. Class name : open apk

adb shell pm clear + Package name : close apk

adb shell screencap -p /sdcard/screen.png :adb Save screenshot to device /sdcard/screen.png Directory

adb shell logcat -> C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Test.txt
: Save device log Information to the file in the specified directory