<>Spring Cloud 2020.0.0 release

Beijing time 2020-12-22 late at night ,Spring Cloud 2020.0.0 Version officially released .2020.0.0 Is the first to use the new version of the scheme Spring
Cloud Release version .

We know before Spring Cloud All versions are named after the London underground .

<>Spring Cloud And Spring Boot Version correspondence

Release Train Release time Spring Boot edition SC Commons edition
Hoxton2019-072.2.x, 2.3.x ( from SR5 rise )2.2.x
<> Blocking upgrade ( Not downward compatible )

<> Goodbye ,Netflix

Today ,Spring Cloud 2020.0 Official release , In this major version , Finally, according to the established plan spring-cloud-netflix Knife . I drew one for you
spring-cloud-netflix-dependencies of xml Comparison of main differences between previous and subsequent versions of the document , stick out a mile :

* spring-cloud-netflix-dependencies It didn't disappear , It still exists , The version number is upgraded to 3.0.x edition
* Old version spring-cloud-netflix-dependencies
Managing Netflix All components , include Hystrix,Ribbon,Zuul,Eureka etc . And since 2020.0 From version ,
It has and only manages Eureka( include Server and Client)
among Feign Although originally belonging to Netflix company , But from 9.x The version is handed over to OpenFeign Organization and management , Therefore, it is no longer included Netflix governing category .

In a simple sentence :Spring Cloud 2020.0.0 The version was completely deleted Netflix except Eureka All components outside .

<>Netflix Component alternatives

Spring Cloud Since you put Netflix OSS The kit was slashed , Then there must be an alternative . That's inevitable ,Spring
Cloud The team recommended alternative products to us :

Netflix Description of recommended alternatives
HystrixResilience4jHystrix I also recommend you to use it instead of yourself
Hystrix Dashboard / TurbineMicrometer + Monitoring System put in plain language , Monitoring is left to more professional components
RibbonSpring Cloud Loadbalancer I can't help it ,Spring After all, I did it myself
Zuul 1Spring Cloud Gateway I can't help it ,Spring After all, I did it myself
Archaius 1Spring Boot Externalized configuration + Spring Cloud Configuration ratio Netflix Achieve better , More powerful