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Whether it is Java still Android, As a developer , Just look API Document but do not read the source code , You can only stay in the fur forever , Unable to establish a complete knowledge system , Nor can we effectively improve the actual combat development technology .

Want to be more systematic , Really improve your ability , Reading the source code is a very good way : Not limited to reading the source code of major systems , It also includes various excellent open source libraries . By reading the source code , In addition to learning excellent code style and design ideas , Can you really do it “ Know its nature , And know why ”, So as to guide them to use more flexibly API, Find the system more quickly bug The root of

As senior Android Development Engineer , Research on source code has become the only standard for them to improve their technology .

<> The only standard for improving technology

The author is also a Android developer , I had the honor to talk with Ali's senior architect , He said that at present, the questions our company likes to ask in the interview have they used those source codes , Have you studied the third-party library , Dig from breadth and depth .

I also know a lot of readers , Especially beginners are particularly resistant to looking at the source code , Here I explain why source code analysis is needed . These include the following benefits :

* study Android The source code helps us learn the design patterns , thought , framework .
* Familiar with the architecture of the whole source code , It helps us call more correctly Android Provided SDK, Write efficient and correct code .
* Learning the source code is helpful for our interview , Because big companies like to ask these questions .
* Learning the source code helps us learn some black technology , For example, when learning plug-in, we need to learn Hook
mechanism , But learning Hook We need to master the mechanism Activity Start up process , Message mechanism, etc .

Now more and more people are studying the source code , But many developers have a headache reading the source code : At present, there are all kinds of articles and blogs on source code analysis on the Internet , uneven , some good and some bad . Or messy , scattered , Fragmentation , I can't connect with it , Or the content is not deep enough , You can't learn dry goods . I happen to find that an Alibaba boss has sorted out such source code analysis , That's it 《Android
Development related source code compilation and analysis 》.

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<>《Android Development related source code compilation and analysis 》 organization structure

This manual is introduced from simple to deep Flutter Technical principle , Divided into 22 chapter , total 558 page , Organize the directory as follows :

1. In depth analysis of wechat MMKV Source code

2. In depth analysis of Alibaba routing framework ARouter Source code

3. In depth analysis AsyncTask Source code ( One paragraph Android Built in asynchronous task execution Library )

4. In depth analysis Volley Source code ( One paragraph Google Network request framework )

5. In depth analysis Retrofit Source code

6. In depth analysis OkHttp Source code

7. In depth analysis ButterKnife Source code

8. In depth analysis Okio Source code ( A set of simple and efficient I/O library )

9. In depth analysis SharedPreferences Source code

10. In depth analysis EventBus Source code

15. In depth analysis Handler Source code

16. In depth analysis Binder Source code

17. In depth analysis JNI Source code

18. In depth analysis Glide Source code

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* This manual is not suitable as an introduction to programming .
* Familiar with at least one programming language .
* Best contact PC client , Mobile development or Web A method in front-end development .
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Many other contents of this manual are sorted and included in the form of links , If you are interested in these points , You can explore on your own .

It is better to use this manual with code . However, due to space constraints , Most of the sample code in the manual is only part of the core code , Readers can download and explore by themselves .

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