Daniel always said : Code is the best comment .

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therefore , There are no notes in the world , Too much code , There are notes .

1, This is a poet delayed by code

2, A piece, please 1987 Look at the code in

3, The product manager is responsible for this

4, Not dare to see , I dare not ask

5,Nike Official website robots.txt Comments on

6, The right place for programmers to complain

7, People who read the source code , My heart will collapse

8, On the first day of work, I saw this note and wanted to resign .

9, What can I say

10, How much does this function charge the customer ?

11, Notes that deliver high-quality information

12, A rookie note that makes you laugh and cry

13, When I write this , Only God and I know what I'm doing . Now? , Only God knows

// When I wrote this, only God and I understood what I was doing

// Now, God only knows

14, Sometimes , I will believe that the compiler will ignore all my comments ?

// sometimes I believe compiler ignores all my comments

15, magic ! Don't touch .

// Magic. Do not touch.

16, It will never run here

try {

} finally { // should never happen


17, The last is the beginning , Biblical citation

last = first; /* Biblical reference */

18, Newcomers silently add a line of comments at the end : The total time wasted here =48h

19, Even if the system stops running , this BUG Still exist

20, Newcomers don't have to try again when they see such comments , Thank you, elder

21, When there is no problem with the project , Use this note

22, Even if the system stops running , this BUG Still exist

23, Such a standard keyboard layout , Rare

24, I want the contact information of Yuanyuan in this program

25, Curiosity forced me to try . last , If your time is not very tight , And want to be fast python increase , The most important thing is not afraid of hardship , I suggest you can adjust the price @762459510
, That's really good , Many people are making rapid progress , You are not afraid of hardship ! You can add it and have a look ~

26, allegedly , A qualified programmer must be able to write comments

27, The person who wrote this note , Home in outer space ?

* Buddha bless , Congratulations on the code forever Bug