Excuse me? , Is there a data cable ?

Say , Xiaobian's seat is in the first row of the office area , Opposite is the most luxurious hotel in the company , Highest utilization conference room . To what extent ? Booking a meeting room is like buying a train ticket —— Open two days in advance , The kind you can't book half a minute late ~

therefore , Xiaobian is accosted by different people every day , Strange excuses ……

 “ classmate , Hello , Do you have a pen ?”

 “ handsome guy , Is the data cable in use ?”

 “ children , What charger does your mobile phone use ?”

 “Hey,man, Can you take a picture for us ?”


And ranking No.1 Absolute demand “ Borrow data line ”, Android data cable , Apple data cable ,Type-C data line ,Micro
USB data line …… Clearly know that their needs are good , I don't know. It takes half a day to describe the requirements , When you know the specific needs , Maybe the meeting is over .

in order to Minimize time occupation Better service to colleagues , I made the following picture .

from then on , When you encounter the need to borrow data lines again , I will silently take out this picture ……

yes ,USB Interface , That's one. Everyone can't live without it , But because there are too many kinds, it makes people bald .

In daily life , Except cell phones , In fact, there are many devices that will also be used USB Interface , For example, mobile power bank , printer , Digital cameras, etc , Although the interfaces connected to the computer are mostly the same , However, the interfaces connected to the device end are different .

Then we have to ask ,USB How many interfaces are there ?

USB  Transmission standard

In introduction USB Before interface , Let's take a look first USB Transmission standard , After all, standards determine speed .

since 1996 year USB-IF(USB Implementers Forum) Organization release USB 1.0 Since standard ,USB Standard experience USB 1.1,USB
2.0,USB 3.0,USB 3.1,USB 3.2 Development of multiple versions .2019 year ,USB-IF The organization released the latest USB4 standard , by USB Interface brings a new standard specification .

See the table above , Maybe some students have questions ,USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 Where have you been ?

actually , Here are some stories about the official name change ~
To be exact , yes 3 individual !

First name change :2003 year

USB-IF Organizational pair USB The specifications and standards were renamed , take USB 1.0 Renamed USB 2.0 low speed (Low-Speed) edition ,USB 1.1 Renamed USB
2.0 Full speed (Full-Speed) edition ,USB 2.0 Renamed USB 2.0 high speed (High-Speed) edition .

Second name change :2013 year

stay USB 3.1 Shortly after release ,USB-IF Organization will USB 3.0 Renamed USB 3.1 Gen1,USB 3.1 Renamed USB 3.1
Gen2. But the change of name has brought trouble to consumers , Many unscrupulous merchants only mark product support on product packaging USB
3.1, But no label is Gen1 still Gen2, There is a huge difference in transmission performance between the two , Consumers will enter the pit if they are not careful .

Third name change :2019 year

USB-IF Organization will USB 3.1 Gen 1( The original USB3.0) Renamed USB 3.2 Gen1,USB 3.1 Gen2( The original USB
3.1) Renamed USB 3.2 Gen2 x1,USB 3.2 Was renamed USB 3.2 Gen2 x2.( For the convenience of narration , Later, we call it support USB 3.0 standard )

Knock on the blackboard !

Students , Next purchase U disc , Data line and other products , Be sure to take a closer look at which standard the product supports , Don't be fooled by vendors ~

Knock on the blackboard for the second time !

“USB4” In the standard writing of ,“USB” And “4” There is no space between ! We should pay attention to screening when new products are on the market ~

USB Interface standard

I see USB After transmission standard , Let's look at the specific USB Interface standard .USB Interfaces are divided into standards USB Interface ,Mini USB Interface and Micro USB Three types of interfaces .

standard USB Interface , Divided into Type-A and Type-B two types , The appearance is as follows :

among Type-A and Type-B Based on supported USB Different standards , It can be divided into USB 2.0 and USB
3.0 standard USB Interface . According to the color of the interface , We can easily distinguish whether the interface is supported USB 2.0 Or support USB
3.0 of .Type-A Type interface is also the most common in our daily life USB Interface , Widely used in mouse , keyboard ,U On disk and other equipment ,Type-B Type is often used for printers , On special displays and other equipment .

Mini USB Interface , It's a small one USB Interface , Its indicators and standards USB identical , But I joined ID Pin ( Used to distinguish whether the device is a host or a peripheral ), To support OTG(On The
Go, This feature allows you to run without a host , Realize data transmission between devices ) function .Mini USB Interfaces are mainly divided into Mini-A and Mini-B two types , The appearance is as follows :

Mini USB Due to the relatively small size of the interface , Common on some small devices , such as MP3,MP4, Radio, etc , Some models of mobile phones also use this interface .

Micro USB Interface , belong to Mini USB Next generation specification interface ,Micro USB The plug of the interface is made of stainless steel , Plug life increased to 10000 second , comparison Mini
USB Interface , When the width is almost constant , Halve the height , More compact .Micro USB Interfaces can also be divided into Micro-A and Micro-B two types , The appearance is as follows :

Micro-B Type USB Interface , I believe everyone knows , I just don't know its professional name , In the early stage of Smartphone development , Most smartphones ( Except apple phones ) All adopted Micro-B Type interface as charging and data interface . stay USB
3.0 After standard release ,Micro-B The interface also has a new shape , I believe you are no stranger , Support we buy USB 3.0 Most mobile hard disk boxes use this interface .

Type-C Interface , It is a new type in recent years USB Interface , The interface is for the user , I believe the biggest advantage is that it can be plugged in and out .

according to the statistics , On average, each person is inserted every year USB What is the time wasted on 30 minute ! I can't get in the first time , Many times to doubt life , Finally, it's the first time , hinder N This attempt is just a small twist in life , Yes type-C After the interface, it can finally be done at one time .Type-C The appearance of the interface is as follows :

abreast of the times USB4 The standard currently only supports Type-C Interface , meanwhile USB4 Adopted Thunderbolt agreement ( Commonly known as lightning interface protocol , By Intel Interface protocol for leading development , With high speed , Strong power supply , Compatible with lightning at the same time ,USB,Display
Port,PCIe And other interfaces / Characteristics of the protocol ), therefore , support USB4 Standard Type-C The interface is also compatible with lightning interface . So it seems ,Type-C Interface is the general trend .

USB Transmission standard and interface

last , Summarize with a picture USB Support relationship between transmission standard and interface , For your reference ~

* notes : The transmission rate indicated in the table is the maximum transmission rate supported by the standard .