In movies, we often see some big visual screens with a strong sense of black technology and cool , such as 《 Iron Man 》 This scene of ritoni must be unforgettable :


In fact, strictly speaking , This in the film does not belong to the category of large visual screen , Only some dynamic chart components are projected ( Of course, the projection technology in the film is very advanced ), The real visual large screen not only has a sense of science and technology , And must be able to “ Can communicate ” and “ Interactive ”.

For example, the following large screen visualization works , In addition to showing the trend of core business indicators , Beyond change , It can also interact dynamically , Such as linkage , Drilling and other operations :

FineReport make

FineReport make

FineReport make

Isn't it pretty cool ? The large visual screens above are made of FineReport Finished , Generally, the learning cost of software and tools that can achieve this effect is relatively large , however FineReport It is more suitable for some novices or non novices IT The staff went to make the big screen , Generally speaking, it takes only half an hour from learning to getting started .

besides ,FineReport You can also connect directly to the database , All data can be displayed directly on the large screen , The main advantage is that it is very simple to use , And the built-in chart elements are relatively rich .

Just drag the target data and related dimensions to the B/S One side , Analysis results can be obtained from different dimensions , Thus, the customization degree of the overall development is reduced , Maintenance is relatively simple .


Here are some large screen visualizations for you demo

these demo Can be used to fill in data directly , There is no need for separate design , It's basically used FineReport Made , Part is the combination js+Echarts Function of , Total 30 Multiple copies , Let's show you some templates here :


1, Large screen of logistics industry demo

Core indicators : National logistics service flow chart , Table of urban logistics in each province , Overall logistics index card, etc

Secondary indicators : Revenue data , Expenditure data , Responsible person reminds data , Dispatch data , Proportion data of logistics carriers, etc


2, Large screen of sales industry demo

Core indicators : Total annual sales , Sales of the four branches

Secondary indicators : sale top10 chart , Radar chart of sales analysis of different types , Target completion rate , Brand sales chart , staff top10, Monthly sales chart , Sales analysis chart, etc


3, Retail business big screen demo

Core indicators : Total sales , Sales in the same period last year , Gross profit , Gross profit margin , Inventory situation , Sales progress

Secondary indicators : Analysis chart of sales in each Theater , Analysis chart of sales in each province , Analysis chart of sales of each category , User analysis, etc


4, Integrated operation screen demo

Core indicators : Total views , Operation data index card , Comparison chart of each month in the whole year

Secondary indicators : Flow analysis diagram of each channel , Flow of each activity, etc


5, High speed monitoring screen demo

Core indicators : Map status , Real time coverage , Real time payment, etc

Secondary indicators : Analysis of access roads in local cities , Analysis of each time period, etc ;