<el-collapse v-model="activeName" accordion> <el-collapse-item title=" uniformity
Consistency" name="1"> <div> Consistent with real life : And real life processes , Logical consistency , Follow the user's customary language and concepts ;</div>
<div> Consistent in the interface : All elements and structures shall be consistent , such as : Design style , Icons and text , Location of elements, etc .</div> </el-collapse-item>
<el-collapse-item title=" feedback Feedback" name="2">
<div> Control feedback : Through the interface style and interactive effect, users can clearly perceive their own operations ;</div>
<div> Page feedback : After operation , The current state is clearly displayed through the changes of page elements .</div> </el-collapse-item> <el-collapse-item
title=" efficiency Efficiency" name="3"> <div> Simplify process : Design simple and intuitive operation process ;</div>
<div> Clear and definite : The language is clear and the meaning is clear , Let users quickly understand and make decisions ;</div>
<div> Help users identify : The interface is simple and straightforward , Let users quickly identify rather than recall , Reduce user memory burden .</div> </el-collapse-item>
<el-collapse-item title=" controlled Controllability" name="4">
<div> User decision : The user can be given operation suggestions or safety tips according to the scene , But it can not make decisions on behalf of users ;</div>
<div> The results are controllable : Users can operate freely , Including revocation , Fallback and terminate the current operation, etc .</div> </el-collapse-item> </el-collapse>
<script> export default { data() { return { activeName: '1'// open name by 1 Folding plate for }; }
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