Data analyst strategy

2020 year 11 month 22 day
10:46Python Its grammar is very concise , It's as simple as one line of code , Can output unexpected effect . What is the unique charm of a line of code , Let's feel it ! 1, Draw a love
As a Python programmer ... Baidu snapshot

NetEase News

2020 year 11 month 18 day 09:23print(" Search in current folder python Open the file ") # Ctrl + backspace( Backspace key )
When the mouse is not at the beginning of the next line of code , Jump to the end of the previous line print(" Jump to the end of the previous line ") # Ctr... Baidu snapshot

Data analyst strategy

2020 year 11 month 19 day
16:21Python The code is concise and easy to understand , It shows that it has many interesting and concise code writing methods , This also makes many students who learn programming with zero foundation prefer to learn from Python Learn , People who come into contact with the language are right Python This simple code ... Baidu snapshot

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2020 year 8 month 19 day 16:35 The results of mathematical calculation often affect the running process of subsequent code , The complex mathematical formula can not tolerate any mistakes , Therefore, for those with more complex mathematical formulas Python
code , use handcalcs A self-examination may be necessary ... Baidu snapshot

CSDN college

2020 year 6 month 4 day
11:53 maze game , I don't know if you've ever played , It used to be very popular , Maze design of various sizes , in especial Web The maze version was very popular in the early years , however Python One line of code will do it , It's really cool !
Let's see how it works ... Baidu snapshot

AI Science and technology base

2020 year 6 month 3 day
06:07 Children's Day is coming , Although bald programmers have no hair , But childlike innocence is always there , Share a secret today GitHub project ——free-python-games, One line of code can be used Python Happy development of small games ... Baidu snapshot

I'll play programming with you

2020 year 4 month 24 day
14:05python There's a cool effect in it , A line of code to achieve a love character , It's a line of code , But it's hard to understand , Too many parentheses , And it uses python Some quick tips of . For example, ternary expressions , List generation ... Baidu snapshot


2019 year 12 month 30 day 13:15 that ,Python Exception output beautification tool PrettyErrors Find out ?
Just one import, Error reporting can also be uniform , Error code location , The cause of the error is clear , You can see it at a glance .debug It's not as painful as it seems . Baidu snapshot

Paper airplane programming

2020 year 1 month 14 day 14:22Python Because of its unique design idea, language has a great advantage in expression compared with other languages .
Today we're going through a couple of lines Python Code examples to verify Python Strong performance ability . Baidu snapshot

Hidden lamp

2019 year 12 month 30 day 23:39 And a line python What can code do ? The following Yuyi tutorial is for you . Use a line python Code printing 99 multiplication table
When you don't have a calculator around you , When we need the 99 multiplication table again , This can be done with a simple python... Baidu snapshot