Huawei Hongmeng system HarmonyOS Learning 9 : Hongmeng HarmonyOS History and future

This autumn, after the outbreak of the epidemic, it gradually stabilized ,9 Huawei's Hongmeng HarmonyOS2.0 Release of , At home IT The world has set off a lot of waves , media , The rush of newspapers, etc , To the domestic developers and technical personnel injected a shot of cardiotonic , Everyone is eager to have a try and begin to study Hongmeng HarmonyOS The upsurge of . This paper focuses on the development history and future of Hongmeng .

one , Looking back on history

2012 year 9 month , Huawei starts planning its own operating system “ Hongmeng ”. Huawei “2012 Noah's Ark Laboratory ” At the expert forum , Ren Zhengfei put forward to do terminal operating system prevention in advance , To be in “ When we cut off our food , The backup system should be available .”

2017 year , Hongmeng core 1.0

2018 year , Hongmeng core 2.0

2019 year , Hongmeng OS 1.0
2019 year 5 month 24 day , Website of Trademark Office of State Intellectual Property Office , Huawei has applied “ Huawei Hongmeng ” trademark , The date of application is 2018 year 8 month 24 day , The date of the registration notice is 2019 year 5 month 14 day , The special permission period is from 2019 year 5 month 14 The day is coming 2029 year 5 month 13 day . 
    2019 year 5 month 17 day , Huawei's operating system team led by a professor has developed its own proprietary operating system —— Hongmeng .
    2019 year 8 month 9 day , Huawei officially releases Hongmeng system (HongmengOS), Open source .

2020 year , Hongmeng OS 2.0
    2020 year 9 month 10 day , Huawei in HDC Release of Hongmeng at Developer Conference
2.0, And for application developers Beta edition . Next year, Hongmeng will fully support Huawei mobile phones . Hongmeng HarmonyOS Open source , At the end of this year, we first released the smart phone development plan for domestic developers HarmonyOS
beta edition .

two , The architecture of Hongmeng kernel

    Hongmeng HarmonyOS Modular coupling is realized , Flexible deployment for different devices ,   Hongmeng HarmonyOS There are three layers of architecture :

          The first layer is the kernel .

          The second layer is basic services .

            The third layer is the program framework .

  Can be used for large screen ,PC, Cars and other different devices . It can also be used on mobile phones at any time , But for the time being, Huawei still gives priority to Android .  Hongmeng HarmonyOS The bottom layer is made up of Hongmeng micro kernel ,Linux
kernel ,Lite OS form , In the future, it will develop into a complete Hongmeng micro kernel architecture .

      Hongmeng HarmonyOS The original intention of the design is to meet the high standard connection requirements of full scene intelligent experience , For this reason, Huawei has put forward some suggestions 4 System solution with big characteristics .

1. Distributed architecture terminal OS Cross terminal seamless collaboration

  Hongmeng HarmonyOS Of “ Distributed OS framework ” and “ Distributed soft bus technology ” Through public communication platform , Distributed data management , Four capabilities of distributed capability scheduling and virtual peripherals , Shield the application developers from the difficulty of implementing the underlying technology of the corresponding distributed application , Enable developers to focus on their own business logic , Developing cross terminal distributed application just like developing the same terminal , It also enables the end consumers to enjoy the seamless experience brought by the strong cross terminal business collaboration ability for each use scenario .

2. Determine delay engine and high performance IPC Technology to achieve smooth system   

  Hongmeng HarmonyOS By using deterministic delay engine and high performance IPC Two technologies to solve the problem of insufficient performance of the existing system . The delay determination engine can assign the priority and time limit of task execution in the system for scheduling before task execution , High priority task resources will give priority to scheduling , The application response delay is reduced by a quarter . Hongmeng microkernel's compact structure makes it easy to use IPC( Interprocess communication ) The performance is greatly improved , Compared with the existing system, the efficiency of process communication is improved by about 20% 5 times .

3. Rebuilding the trusted security of terminal devices based on microkernel architecture

Hongmeng HarmonyOS Design with micro kernel , It has the characteristics of stronger security and low delay . The basic idea of microkernel design is to simplify kernel functions , Implement system services as much as possible in user mode outside the kernel , At the same time, mutual security protection is added . Microkernel only provides the most basic services , Such as multi process scheduling and multi process communication . Application of microkernel technology in trusted execution environment (TEE), Through the formal method , Rebuilding trusted security . The formal method is to use mathematical methods , Verify the correctness of the system from the source , Effective means without loopholes . Traditional verification methods such as function verification , Simulation attack can only be verified in limited scenarios , The formal method can verify all software running paths through the data model .
Hongmeng HarmonyOS The formal method is applied to terminal for the first time TEE, Significantly improve the safety level . At the same time, due to Hongmeng HarmonyOS The code volume of microkernel is only Linux One thousandth of the macro kernel , Its attack probability is also greatly reduced .

4. Through unification IDE Support one-time development , Multi terminal deployment , Realize cross terminal ecological sharing

  Hongmeng HarmonyOS With multi terminal development IDE, Multi language unified compilation , Distributed architecture Kit Provide screen layout control and automatic adaptation of interaction , Support control drag and drop , Visual programming for preview , So that developers can efficiently build multi terminal automatic operation system based on the same project App, Realize a real development , Multi terminal deployment , Sharing ecology among different devices . Huawei ark compiler is the first to replace Android Static compiler for virtual machine mode , It can be used for developers to compile high-level language into machine code at one time in the development environment . in addition , Ark compiler will support multi language unified compilation in the future , It can greatly improve the development efficiency .

three , A long way to go , What a long long road! , Search through thorns

The development of science and technology in the world , Has been stepping on the shoulders of giants and predecessors forward , Every new breakthrough , New achievements , They are all based on the accumulation of a large number of outstanding scientific research achievements , Gather the wisdom of all mankind . China has a lot of smart talents , There are good scientists , There are very professional engineers , Among the best in the world , But we go further every day , We all need the power of the world . We're not at the top of technology yet , You know, America has the best talent in the world , It also includes the best talents in China , There is no way out to build a car behind closed doors , We learned a lesson .

From Hongmeng 2.0 Since its release , The Internet is full of jubilation , The independent development of the operating system is constantly applauded , But calm down and think about it , In fact, if you want to have a place in the market , It's definitely not that optimistic , Need to break through technology intellectual property rights , Ecological environment and other aspects of the short board and insufficient , Only in this way can we become mature .

1, intellectual property right

The protection of intellectual property is not the issue discussed in this paper , What readers need to know is , In the existing international intellectual property protection and patent protection environment , Even with independent research and development , Even if every line of code is written by itself , It is also very likely to touch other people's intellectual property rights .
Patent protection is not the source code , It's not technical ability , It's some of the first ideas and logic .
The thought and logic of operating system , Many of them have been patented , Even if you rewrite it , We can't get around it . Google Android , Samsung and other companies are still unable to cross Microsoft's patent wall , As Huawei, it is unable to surpass Android + Microsoft's two-tier patent wall . Take Samsung for example , A lot of intellectual property fees are paid to Microsoft every year , Because of the Android operating system , Android also uses Microsoft's intellectual property , Similarly, Android has not been able to cross Microsoft's patent wall .


2, ecological environment

China's Internet has become its own ecology , For Chinese users, they may not know what they are using Google and IOS What is an operating system like . We are used to apples and apples Google Mobile phone with frame , Used to castration google Framework of mobile phone manufacturers to provide the application market .

But overseas , There are only two app markets, apple and Google , Powerful as Samsung , Mobile phone brand with the largest sales volume for a long time , Its own app market has been unable to challenge apple and Google . Even Microsoft has tried to divide the world , In the end, he could only come back in defeat . We produce and manufacture mobile phones , It can't be completely produced for personal use , As long as the export to foreign countries , It involves the restriction of application market service , Hongmeng has to build its own market or cooperate with other companies google cooperation .

To sum up, the above two factors , Just as our national leaders said , Now the global technology and economy is an interdependent community of human destiny , They are interdependent , It's not a zero sum game , The same applies to our technological development and external expansion .