<> good friend , Remember to keep in touch

Do you have many friends ?

When you need help with the delivery , There are a few that can be readily agreed ?

When you are sick and dare not wait for the result alone , Who can accompany you ?

When you feel depressed , When you need someone to talk to , A few more can listen patiently , Gently enlighten you ?

When you meet scum men and scum women , Will there be such a person , Even if it's not empathy , You can feel her, too ( he ) Heartfelt sadness ?

Friends who said they would be bridesmaids for each other , Is there any connection now ?

The brothers who live in your upper bunk , Ever drink together after graduation ?

      There's no need to go back , A long time as a student , How many of my classmates have become friends ?
Growing up , The more lonely . The youth we spent together , As time goes by , The growth of age , There is really only one symbol left in the graduation album .

      Maybe deep feelings , Time variable accumulation is needed to achieve a qualitative leap , But more , We lost the friends we used to have when we walked by the roadside .

One night , I was on the phone with my best friend for an hour , The two of us roamed in different places , The phone was turned off when the phone was hung up , She is my classmate in junior high school , After graduation , I have little contact with my junior high school classmates , Except for her , It's probably the same interest , Complementary personalities , She is very patient , Especially tolerant of my noise . That's it until I graduated from high school , Move out of hometown , Whenever you go home , She was the first person I wanted to see .

That night , We talk , Talking about junior high school students , It's fuzzy for most people , A name that stands out , Either a bully or a bully . Want to come in the long life , What impresses you , No, those who loved , Who I hate ?

      We mentioned each other's friends in junior high school , Now it's all over the world , Most of them are out of touch , about “ contact ” The standard of , Our demands are very low , Don't chat in wechat, just like it , It's all connected .

      even so , The rest is less than one tenth of what it used to be , Tingting said :“ All my friends in my life , Can you sing and cry for a long time ?” Sobbing , The bottom of my heart is sad .

Last winter vacation , I went home to a junior high school reunion , Said it was a classmate party, but only came 12 personal , They were all in junior high school, and the relationship was good at that time , Since graduating from junior high school, except for a few on the road , It's been four years . It's a subtle feeling to attend a classmate meeting , Some expectations and some fears , Looking forward to the reunion of old friends , There is no fear , It's probably called “ Close affection and timidity ”. I took advantage of the fun that day , The people at the dinner were the same as before , The most important thing is to remove the green and astringent , More solid shuttle angles ,
I know how it feels , It's really changed .

      I remember that sentence from a novel :“ In the past, they were not together
But far away is near , It's hard to meet now , Between the two seats , But found that many memories have changed under the grinding of time , Looking at each other at that moment , Although it's near, it's far away .”

I sit at the table , Listen to those old friends about their high school , Anecdotes of University . It was a memory they shared , For me, it's a blank that can't be replayed even if I miss it . Between the toasts and Toasts , It's a time of Flowing Clouds and flowing water , Across the time gap , But it can no longer fill the cracks in my heart .

How many drinks do you want , All the complex emotions churn into the heart ,“ The excitement is theirs , And I have nothing ”. I'll never think about it again , I don't want to take part in that “ Although it's near, it's far away " It's our party . Why old friends , It's hard to be an old friend in the end ? The combination of long love and fickle love , It's a contradiction , It's helpless .

We all feel like we've changed , When I was a teenager, the reading of heaven and earth is gone forever , All that's left is awkward greetings :“ What's your major in college ?” Even ask if they have a girlfriend or not , This is a topic of mutual consolation in the past , Now I dare not speak easily , I'm afraid it's offensive .

      actually , We haven't changed , Or do you miss each other , It's just hidden in the bottom of my heart and never expressed . But feelings need to be expressed , If the other person is sitting opposite you , One smile and one look can communicate with each other . But I don't want to say goodbye ,
All over the world , Separated by thousands of mountains and rivers , I can't get back to that again, and I can reach your elbow with my arm , When you beat your legs and you can step over my bed .

  Even though your love is precious , No expression , The other side won't know . No contact , You'll be alienated . The most pitiful feeling , It's a dead end . But the most common in friendship is to die of no disease , It's because of the lack of contact . We grow as we grow , With each other need busy life , A lot of words because they are friends , I don't think the other party will understand . We always say “ have bosom friends afar , The ends of the world are like neighbors ”, I think it's time , Distance , It's not a problem , assume :“
How many years have we been friends , There are still a few words missing each other ?”

      Yeah , In the feeling of dying without illness , That sentence is missing “ My friend, I miss you very much ”.

      Two people want to build a relationship ,
Cultivate deep feelings , It doesn't happen overnight . When it comes to people's feelings , There is no shortcut , There is no instant formula , Any quick relationship , It's going to end like it started , Good feelings can stand slow fire , Be able to survive a long time . same , The two became the most familiar strangers from ordinary friends , Feelings are not diluted overnight

      The world is so big , There are few people who know themselves , To be a good friend is a chance but not a chance .

      While you still have it , Please cherish it . good friend , Remember to keep in touch .