With the support of national policy , Continuous development of big data industry , Application in all walks of life , The demand for big data talents is increasing day by day , The number of big data authentication is also increasing , These qualifications come from suppliers , educational services , Independent or industrial organization . Big data includes : Big data system management ,Hadoop, analysis , Data Science , Big data storage / Safety, etc , The development of the Internet of things promotes more demand for big data skills , Especially in the field of analysis , The demand for personnel has reached a record level , Wages are also rising . Almost any data authentication will make your salary rise .

Can zero basic big data be certified as a big Data Engineer ?

0 Basic Xiaobai wants to carry out big data authentication , You can learn big data related courses first , At present, the main big data courses are divided into two categories : First, big data development , study Java,Scala language ,Hadoop,Spark,Storm And so on ; Second, data analysis and mining , study Python language , Data processing and analysis technology , Visualization tools , Machine learning, etc . Big data development can be certified as a big data engineer , Data analysis class can be used for data analyst authentication .

When you complete the relevant big data learning courses , You can apply in garmi valley big data [ Big data professional skills certification ], Become a big Data Engineer , Data Analyst Certification , The certificate is provided by the Chinese Academy of management sciences , Nationwide . Jiami valley big data organization , Zero basic big data course training , Big Data Engineer Certification .

Real shooting of big data development engineer certificate :

Real photos of data analyst certificate :

What's the use of certificates ?

Industry skill certificate is the proof that workers have the necessary knowledge and skills to engage in a certain occupation , It's our job search , Certificate of qualification . If you are interested in big data development , If you want to learn big data systematically , You can join the big data technology learning exchange group : number 522+ number 189+307, Private message administrators can get development tools and introductory learning materials for free

Big data certificate can be used by a third party to prove that after you have been trained and studied by big data , Have systematic big data theory knowledge and some practical experience in big data projects , It's a icing on the cake . In the future, you will have a big data related job interview , When you write a resume, you can show your skills more directly , Enterprises can also be used as a reference when hiring , When talking about salary and treatment, I have more confidence .