use Tkinter make GUI development tool (36)Tkinter Multi child window components in

We've talked about that earlier Tkinter It's very good GUI library , Despite this GUI Ku was born 1991 year , yes Unix Excellent graphic interface under , Now it's migrated to Linux,MacOSX, as well as
Windows In the system .

We can take it Tkinter Understand as “C language ” Function graphic interface based on , utilize Python Class function of , hold Tkinter Packaged as “C++ language ” Class graphical interface based on . We've talked about it many times before Tkinter Encapsulated graphics module , for example Tkinter Skin module ,Tkinter Bubble tip , use Tkinter Artificial ttk.Notebook Components, etc . Again, we are here HP_tk2 It encapsulates a multi self window MDIwindows assembly .
The program demonstration code is given below :
import tkinter as tk # Import Tkinter import HP_tk2 as htk if __name__=="__main__":
root=tk.Tk() root.title(' Demonstration of multiple subwindows ') root.geometry('{}x{}+{}+{}'.format(800, 600,
100, 200)) mw=htk.MDIwindows(root) w1=mw.newwindow(title=' child window 1')
w2=mw.newwindow(title=' child window 2') root.mainloop()
The program demonstration picture is as follows :