<>2021 Zhongqing cup mathematical modeling contest

Commemorating the first training model

For later Lin Xiaoqin !


Because the undergraduate group can only choose A,B One of the two questions , Our team can't make it 10 The topic was decided in five minutes , It's not rash ,B The relationship between the friction force of the physical model and the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge is not very clear , The first feeling is that it's hard to start ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ about A topic , There are also ideas of optimizing and fitting the optimal solution .


Three days in the lab , Thank you very much , I have to say that I made my head bigger several times , The team-mates are inspiring , Although there are ideological disputes , But it's all for the modeling competition . I really appreciate the strong mind and coping ability of my teammates .

Time is 5.20-5.23

<>2. first day

Finish the first day , Start thinking , It'll be about the same in the afternoon 5.6 spot , Pick up the mobile phone, you will receive the message of Zhongqing cup pushed by Zhihu , you 're right , Big brother began to sell solutions , And batch after batch , Selling anxiety , It seems to be a train of thought
+ Subsequent matlab Code, etc . I've heard about it before , But I still feel a little unfair …

And then I saw it , Search volume in just one day 10 ten thousand …

<>3. the second day

Because of the entrance guard of the dormitory , In the evening, everyone had to go back to their bedroom , And then the next day , The picture below doesn't remember when so much was done , I only know what useful materials I have seen. I just want to download them first

then , As expected , Here comes the official

In the meantime, the players A It seems that the government has changed one of the data in the question , I think it's really good , team member A Hurry to change the code data , Fortunately, it didn't make a big difference , Three questions have been completed, question one , Problem 2: I can't think of a compromise , Take care of distance, but not time , Take care of time, but not distance

<>3. on the third day

My computer broke down !AxMath stay word Used up in , what the hell excel Table cleaning data , Remind me excel If there is an error, do you want to fix it ,yes! And then it didn't work , team member B Prompt me to restart the following , And then the blue screen ~~~~~~, At this point in time , I tried to get in bios Set to repair , Fixed 20 Multi minute pop-up cannot be repaired , Prompt me to turn off or use U Disk start or reset . Fortunately, I always had it with me U Disk startup disk , After reassembly C Disk format ,matlab It's huge , It took almost an hour to download the software , Fortunately, the installation package was saved before D disc , Just install it directly .

The good news is that we have an idea for question two , After discussion on question 3, we plan to improve it on the basis of question 2 , But no coding , Because time is not allowed . night 11.50 More material arrangement , Final submission

<>4. end

There was no lunch break and other activities for three days , Missed watching the tour School Challenge Cup , Final of campus singer competition , Cheerleading Competition , And received the news that Mr. Yuan had gone to play, which was a bit slower than others , See a particularly touching words :
I met him once , It's in the textbook , It's on the table , In the world .
After each wisp of smoke , They are all thoughts floating far away in the world . China is always well protected by those who love it . Encourage and refuel together !

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