<>1. What is data visualization

Data visualization is to present data in a more intuitive way , We often use charts to represent data .
We use various forms of charts to visualize the data , Help people understand the specific information more intuitively .

<>2. Benefits of data visualization

* Convey and communicate information clearly and effectively
One of the advantages of data visualization is that it can clearly and effectively convey and communicate information . Let's continue with the example , If
Use the same data , Change to another form of presentation , Like the pie chart below . We can easily see the value of each product
Proportion of sales . It doesn't need much mental calculation and thinking transformation .

* Easier insight into information hidden in data
Presenting the data as a graph can also help us feel the information hidden between the data . Like the one below
The development of Shanghai Stock Index k Line diagram

<>3. Realization of data visualization

* Report class
* Excel
* Crystal Report
Report on the main implementation of the class we are familiar with Excel Or crystal report , This method is mainly for non-technical personnel , In particular
Click a few buttons in the software , Add some data to generate the icon . The advantage of this approach is simplicity , Anyone can use it . The disadvantages are also obvious
It's easy to see , It's just inflexible , Once generated, the chart is fixed , If the data changes , The chart needs to be regenerated

* business intelligence BI
* Microsoft BI
* Power-BI
business intelligence BI The main ways to achieve this are Microsoft's BI and Power-BI, It is more high-end than the report class , In addition to generating a report on the data
Off the table , It can also provide decision-making basis , Help enterprises make wise business decisions

* Coding class
* ECharts.js
* D3.js
Coding class , This requires the participation of programmers , Programmers can connect to the company's existing system architecture for coding , Real time generation of dynamic
Chart . Common usage libraries are ECharts.js and D3.js, What we use in our project is ECharts.js , He is the developer of Baidu company
An open source visualization Library Based on , D3.js It is a visualization library abroad , In encapsulation \ Ease of use \ In effect , ECharts To be better
some .

relatively speaking , Among the three ways, the implementation of coding class is more flexible , He can integrate into our existing projects , What is the fit with the project
The highest .

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