first , With the increasing space of the current programmer position , as well as IT The development scenarios in the industry are constantly enriched ( upgrade ), Gradually from the early application level development to product development direction ( Internet platform ), So the professional life cycle of programmers has been gradually extended , At present, there are a lot of programmers 35 Over , I believe that the career life cycle of future programmers will continue to extend , The programmer profession can also be engaged in for life .

Although the professional life cycle of programmers is constantly extending , But for many reasons , not a few 35 Programmers over 40 years old , Will move to other positions , stay IT Within the industry , Programmers tend to turn to the following positions :

first : Management position . along with IT The rapid development of the industry , A large number of management positions are needed in the industry , For example, there is a large talent gap in the position of project manager . Engaged in management positions often need to have a solid technical foundation , At the same time, we should have certain industry cognitive ability , So in IT Under the background of rapid development of the industry , Many programmers with better communication skills will gradually be promoted to management positions .

second : Consulting post . Industry consulting position is also the choice of many programmers , At present, a large number of programmers are taking the route of independent consulting experts , It's not only more flexible working hours , In terms of income, it will be considerable , Under the background of the current industrial structure upgrading , The talent gap of consulting experts is also very large .

third : Market operation . There are a lot of programmers in the work for a period of time will also turn to the market operation position , Market operation not only needs certain technical background , At the same time, it needs strong industry cognitive ability , So it's also a good choice for programmers to switch to market operation positions . however , Turning to the market operation position requires programmers to have strong communication skills