Last week we received a request from the dean , The requirement description is very simple : Real time monitoring of hospital operation .

Get a demand , The first thing we need to do is to conduct demand research and analysis , But because I am a special requirement proposer and requirement description : first , The proposer is the president , He is busy with business , Basically, I can't arrange the time to decompose this requirement face to face ; secondly , The description of this requirement is very simple , Just one word “ Real time monitoring of hospital operation ”! therefore , My first job is to find a way to refine this requirement .

to this end , I consulted the director of some administrative departments in the hospital , We consulted experts and consultants employed by the hospital , At the same time, the director of the Department also provided relevant information of other hospitals , Through analysis and summary , I sort it out in two directions , Three aspects of the overall design ideas : Outpatient Department , Two directions of hospitalization , Each direction considers medical services separately , Medical quality , Three aspects of operation , Then, specific monitoring indicators are determined for each aspect ( Principles for determining indicators : Grasp the indicators of the president's usual concern or important or urgent characteristics ), After preliminary screening , The mind map of monitoring indicators related to hospitalization is as follows :

Mind map of inpatient monitoring indicators

The content of the exhibition has been determined , The next step is to design and implement the functional interface :

The first step : Because it's a big screen display , So I choose black or sapphire as the main color , Other colors are earthy yellow , red , White complementary color , The interface distribution is triaxial , Repeat for each column 2 Line or 3 Segmentation of rows .

Step two : After the overall display frame is designed , The next step is content placement . The index display and specific functions of the three columns are described as follows :

Middle column : Because considering that people's first glance at the real object may focus on the middle position , So I will be more concerned about the president , And the indicators that can reflect the normal operation of the hospital are displayed in the middle . At the same time, the hospital is placed at the top of the middle Logo, Date time , Hospital culture propaganda ( The slogan is rolled over ), The middle content directly shows the workload of the hospital with index numbers , Bottom show 15,31 Department ranking of super long hospitalization days ( The two reports are played in turn , interval 15 second ).

Left column : The upper layer shows the critical value report and treatment of in-hospital inspection ; The middle tier shows the arrears ; The bottom layer shows the attendance information of medical staff , Let the leaders of the hospital keep abreast of staff turnover , leave , maternity leave ( doctor , Two reports of nurses , interval 15 second ) And so on .

Right column : The upper level displays the total number of open beds and the current utilization rate of beds in our hospital with a dashboard , Let the president know the beds of our hospital all the time ; There is a hospital building on the next floor , Dynamic display of beds of departments on each floor , When there is a shortage of beds in a certain department , To provide decision-making basis for hospital leaders to transfer beds .

The third step :
The overall design has been determined ( I draw the interface by manuscript , It's messy and ugly , I won't upload it ), The last step is to write code to get the data , Through drawing tools to complete the design of the display interface , The final function interface is as follows :

Large screen interface of inpatient real-time monitoring

PS:1, Because it is directly connected to the formal database for data acquisition , Therefore, it is recommended to obtain the data of each region , Set the automatic refresh interval according to the actual situation ;

2, From demand analysis ----> Data acquisition ----> Realization of function interface , I used it myself, about 5 It will be finished in about two working days ;

3, Realization of function interface , I won't go into details here , At present, many software or drawing languages can be implemented in the market , If you need to know , You can send me a private letter , Let's learn together .