Can the elderly with mobility problems be sent to the station ?

   The patient needs a stretcher by train after the operation , Where can I borrow it ?

   Too much luggage for pregnant women , Can I have my family meet me at the platform ?

   In reality , There are also many people who are inconvenient to take the train , For this kind of people , It's time to book key passenger services in advance . today , China's railway authorities have carried out science popularization .

   Who can book key passenger services ?

   Only wheelchair is accepted for key passenger reservation service , Old people traveling with stretchers and other assistive devices , Injuries , Service demand of disabled passengers who have bought tickets .

   What convenient services can key passengers enjoy ?

   Ticket purchase

  12306 The website has been launched with ticketing function for the disabled and disabled soldiers , Support for adoption 12306 Website and 12306 mobile phone APP Sale of tickets for the disabled ,12306
The website optimizes and adjusts the online ticketing system , With enough tickets , Automatic identification 60 The lower berth is preferred for the elderly passengers aged over .

   If it's more than one person, one order , The system will also automatically allocate adjacent berths .

   In and out of the station

   Some large stations are equipped with service desk , For the old , young , illness , remnant , Pregnant passengers have priority to buy tickets , First stop , Priority to travel , Priority for luggage and other services , Some stations can also provide wheelchair service for disabled passengers with mobility difficulties . Please consult the bus stop for details .

   On the bus

   There are barrier free toilets on high-speed trains . Equipped with safety handrails ,SOS Alarm and other barrier free facilities and maternal and child care desk , Provide travel convenience for key passengers .

   meanwhile , Many high-speed rail trains are also equipped with special zones for disabled passengers and special fixed belts for wheelchairs , It can be fixed to place wheelchair, scooter and other appliances . The special area is adjacent to the barrier free toilet , Fully provide convenience for disabled passengers .

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