<> self-introduction

Good morning,my teachers.I am glad to have the opportunity to be here.My name
is X xx .I come from Xx,Xx,a beautiful county in the west part of Xx. I studied
in Xx university of technology as an undergraduate.My major is computer science
and technology. I liked computer very much,especially in software
technology,and wanted to make some achievement in this field.
Therefore,I wanted to further my study with a master degree in Software
Engineering.I am a hard working student especially do the thing I am interested
in.During 4 years undergraduate education. I worked hard and I was always
active in various activities. I participated in Mathematics competition for
college students and won the third prize of nation,the second price of Shandong
In my free time,I like listening to music and communicating with friends,Also
English is my favorite, I often watch American TV dramas and Hollywood films
and practise my oral English.But I know my English is not good enough,I will
continue studying.
I hope I could get the opportunity to finish my postgraduate courses in Xx
university of technology which I have desired for a long time.I am looking
forward to my postgraduate studies and life.So I wish to further my study here
and some day in the future I aspire to be a great man like you.That is
all.Thank you.

<> My personality

* Tell me something about your personality
* Tell me about your personality
First let me introduce myself,my name is X xx.24 years old. I am
open-minded,easy to adapt,compatible with my friends.and willing to help
others. Compatible: Be friendly with people .

<> My college life

* Introduce your college
* Tell me about your college life:
* Tell me about your college life
I studied in Xx University of technology. I appreciate it, because it offers
me a chance to develop my ability. During my college years,I have made rapid
and great progress in many areas. As a student, I studied very hard, Not only
listened to the teacher carefully in class but also made full use of the spare
time as well as winter and summer vacation to learn programming by myself and
had obtained scholarship. As a class committee, I worked earnestly,also gain
good comments from teachers and classmates.I strive to finish any assignment
prefectly. In a word, I learned a lot in my college life.

<> My family

* Could you share something about your family ?
* Would you like to tell us something about your family?
* Introduce your family
In My family, there are four members, my father, my mother, my sister, and me.
My parents are wokers, my sister is a teacher, my father works very hard, and
he is always fully occupied, so most of the housework is done by my mother, of
course, while I am at home, I would help her.
I love my parents and my sister,and they love me,too. When I make a success,
they are more excited than me, and support me to do better. Even though I
failed, they always share sorrow with me,and encourage me not to give up.
During my preparation for postgraduate exam, the support from my family is
always my momentum. Parents love is unselfish, I am deeply affected, so I will
do all what I can do to repay them.

<> my hometown

* Tell us something about you hometown?/Where are you from?
* Introduce your hometown
My hometown is Xx,a beautiful city in the middle of Xx Province. It is famous
for its kites and radish( radish ). The city lies in the north part of China and the
climate is very suitable for living. There are many great scenes here,Fuhua
Amusement park, Mount qingyun,Bailanghe River and so on.
Each year, many people come here for tour and investment. So I believe that,
with the joint efforts( make joint efforts ) of every person, a better future of Xx is coming.

<> Why do I take the postgraduate entrance examination

* Introduce your reason for preparing the postgraduate exam
* Why did you take the postgraduate entrance exam
* Why do you take the postgraduate entrance examination ?
During the past four years, I have learned a lot of professional knowledge and
practical skills, but gradually, I realize it is not enough. In my opinion,
further study is actually urgent for me to realize and finally achieve
self-value. Life is precious, it is necessary to catch any opportunity for
self-development, especially in the competitive modern society. Therefore, I
prefer to go on for futher education.

<> Why choose this school

* Why do you prefer our university?Please tell us the reasons that you
are willing to come for us?
* Why do you choose to study in our department?
* Why are you going to this school
* Why do you want to test in this school .
I have adapted to the life in this school and have seen that the development
prospect of this school is very broad. As the proverb says ‘process( process ) is the
activity of today and the assurance( ensure )of tomorrow.’ If I got a chance to study
here, I would like to continue to accept professional training, in order to get
ready for working in the future . I hope I can achieve my goal soon.

<> My plan after graduate school ( expect )

* About your future plans
* What are you expecting for/during the postgraduate period?
* What is the expectation of postgraduate life
* What do you expect to achieve during your study if you are enrolled
into this institute?
* plans in the postgraduate study ( Your plan for Graduate School )
* Tell me about your plan after graduate school
There must be many things to learn if I were enrolled into my ideal research
field. I hope I can build up a systematic view of computer technology,
especially in the fields of AI. I am looking forward to participate in some
relevent projects of my major, for this reason , I will get more experience in
practice.And whats more, I expect to continue my study for doctorate degree,if
it is possible.

* What would you like to be doing five years after graduation?
* What do you want to do five years after graduation ?
Five years are quite a long time, I would like to divide it into two parts for
my future plan. In the three years of postgraduate in this university, if I am
admitted, I will spend my efforts on the knowledge of my major and skills
concerned( Related skills ), and try to learn more interpersonal skills at the same time.
After equipping myself full,( After full preparation ) when I will get my master’s degree, I
will immense myself into the society in the next two years. I will find a job
which I love and specialize ( be good at )in so that I can make a contribution to our
nation as well as the society.

<> My hobbies

* Do you have any hobbies that you are proud of? What is your favourite
* Tell me about your hobbies:
* Tell me about your hobbies
In my spare time, I like listening to music, communicating with friends and so
on. Also English is my favorite, I often watch American TV dramas and Hollywood
films and practise my oral English. I passed College English Test Band 4(CET-4)
in June,2019, I do believe there is still a long way for me to learn English
well enough. However I will not shrink( shrink back ) back, because I realize that English
is a bridge( bridge ) connected our country with the outside world.

<> Your strengths and weaknesses

* What do you think about your strength and weakness? Please tell us
something about your characteristics.
* What is your greatest strength?
* What are your most outstanding strengths ?
My best quality is I am able to work hard and be careful and responsible for
everything. I may not be the best, but I always try my best.
My biggest disadvantage(weakness) is my best quality. Sometime I am such a
perfectionist that I will not stop until a job is well done,which
obstructs( hinder )the creativity and improvement.

* What is your greatest weakness?
* What's your biggest weakness ?
My greatest weakness is my tendency to pay too much attention to
detail( Attention to detail ).Sometimes, in order to achieve our goals, we need to get things
done quickly and solve major problems.If I try to finish everything prefectly,
I may waste some time.To address this, I often compare my work status with my
career goals to make sure I don’t spend too much time on a project or
unnecessary work.

<> My favorite book

* What’s your favourite book you have ever seen before?
* What's your favorite book
I have read many kinds of books. But I love “the old man and the sea”. I was
deeply impressed by the old man’s persistence( will )on not giving up what had been
doing and his strong willing to fight against hardship. From the book I learn
success only belongs to those who are persistent, patient and not afraid of
failure and difficulties. The influence has still worked on me although I read
the book five years ago.

<> About new coronavirus

* How do you think about the epidemic( popular ) of coronavirus( coronavirus )?
* What do you think of the prevalence of coronavirus
I feel deeply sorry about this sudden disaster happened in recent months of
our country even in the word. It is the virus, the devil( devil ) that hinder the
normal functioning of our society, including our way back to school. During my
holiday in this period, I deeply realized that health is the most important
asset for each individual as well as the whole society. In addition, I have to
pay my 100% respect to the doctors and nures fighting in Wuhan. They are called
the most beautiful “hero in harm’s way”( heroes who put themselves in harm's way ).Finally, I would like to take this
opportunity to call on everybody stop hunting and eating wild animals. The
planet is the home of each kind of creature.

<> an unforgettable experience

* Do you have any unforgettable experiences?
* Can you share something unforgettable in your life?
The most unforgettable experience is my preparation for the postgraduate
examination. In the beginning of my preparation, I actually didn’t know how or
what to do and I was lost in so many materials and imformation. But one
morning, I seriously told myself to carefully analyze the resources in my mind
and remove the worthless and leave the useful to find a reasonable way to head
toward,and then my mind became clear and I determined to spare no efforts to
pursue my dream. Maybe you don’t think to much about this small happening, but
it means a lot to me. I started to realize that I should be intelligent to
overcome the challenges facing me. Looking back to those days, I do feel that
it is an unforgettable experience of my life

<> Do you have any questions? ?

* Do you have any questions to ask in the end?
When I can get the final result?
I wish I could get some useful suggestions from you.
Through our interaction, have I made myself fully understood?