at home , Is programmer really eating youth ?

In recent years , Whenever this topic is thrown out , There's always a stir IT A huge discussion in the world . Some say it's true , Some say it's selling anxiety .

More Netease members , Sogou , HUAWEI and other famous Internet Co veteran workers come out to make complaints about it. , say 35 What an embarrassing situation it is to be in after 20 years old , Always on the alert in the company , For fear of being laid off .

35 Programmers after the age of 20 , Where is the way out ?

1. Why does this happen ?

This also starts from the rise of China's Internet industry .

Ali , Baidu , tencent , stay 20 century 90 It was founded in the 1970s ,21 The beginning of the century ,BAT Become the big three in China's Internet industry .

2005 year -2010 It's the year of public acceptance of the Internet , A period of rapid growth of Internet users in China , The first programmers , It was at that time that I entered the Internet industry .

Right now 2020 year , There are not many programmers 35 year .

And they , That's what we're facing “ Spring rice ” The first people with age confusion .

35 Programmers after the age of 20 , Where is the way out ?

2. Those who have been laid off

Admit it , There is a part of it 35 year “ advanced age ” Programmers are being laid off by big companies , Or dissuade . But part of it doesn't mean all , Learn more about it and you'll find , There are also some old programmers , Still stay in their posts .

What are the big factories cutting , I haven't been promoted for years , Mixed up in the post , People with low ability but high salary .

A lot of people will say , I worked hard for the company for so many years , Cut as you say , It's not human at all .

But companies and businesses value personal value , It's not human contact , When your value and position no longer match , No matter how much you paid for the company before , If necessary , You'll be fired the first time .

3. programmer 35 The way out after 20 years old
Buttoned skirt ( seven six eight , nine seven six , four zero three ) Access to learning materials
I have to admit it , internet IT industry , It has its own industry attribute , As you get older , Your reaction , Network sense , All abilities will decline , There is no denying it .

But that doesn't mean that 35 After the age of 20, there is no way out for Ma Nong , If you're deep enough in technology , For example, to achieve P7,P8 Such a level , You don't have to worry about it .

As long as you constantly improve yourself , Keep up with the pace , Learn the latest technology , Try to find a chance to enter the factory , Find the right promotion channel , The future is still bright .

Even in a technical position, it's not going to work , stay 35 Before the age of 20, you can also consider transferring to a management post , From technical management to senior manager to professional manager , It's also a choice .
Buttoned skirt ( seven six eight , nine seven six , four zero three ) Access to learning materials

35 Age is not the watershed of programmer's career after all .

Just entered IT Industry friends must have confidence , As long as you are good enough , Will not be eliminated by this era .