Don't despair , Life is still very long !

Here's another case , A friend is the director of Tencent , stay 40
When I was about 20 years old , High salary goes to Huawei . Less than half a year , Because of the company's corporate culture and other factors forced to leave after , Once suffered from depression and wanted to commit suicide , His family spent more than a year taking good care of him , Then it got better .

Before I was fired , There are two houses in the family and the loan needs to be paid back , In a month 3 More than ten thousand . His wife was forced to , I had to sell a house , Pay back the loan for another house .

Finally, it depends on his wife's skill , Two people opened a small online shop , I usually sell a homemade snack . There's still some income every month .

Everyone who loves baseball knows it , There's a special term in the game called " The second half of the ninth inning ", It's the last half of the game . In other words , With the home team behind , This half game is the home team's last game to save the situation .

Ou, an employee of ZTE, is a master of Nankai , I think he might have been " The second half of the ninth inning " This mentality , I think the critical moment of my life and death has passed , But it turns out that , It turns out that everything is just a short time " Intermission ", Frequent backwater battle makes his mentality suddenly collapse …… So is the director of Tencent .

It is said that middle-aged people will finish the hard battle , It's almost time to retire . But before that , We have not adjusted our mentality to meet the challenge " fight to win or die ", So that he was caught on the beach by the big waves ahead of time .

It's not just middle-aged people , In this era of great changes , Everyone is equal . future , The younger generation may also be affected .

But at this time , We should not be passive , We should learn to take the initiative in time , Accept change , It's the only one " way out ".

Xu Zheng's midlife crisis came earlier than others , Exactly , His crisis began 20 year . He was bald that year , Average age 40
In the army of middle-aged hair loss , He was the first one to squeeze in awkwardly as a little fresh meat . What's more? , He's also an actor !

So he began to grope , How to live is right ? How should I live ?

I don't understand this question , There are various ways to find the answer .

Until he made up his mind to go to the barber's and shave his hair , He had a sudden epiphany . Looking at the bald head in the mirror , He felt not only young , And it was reborn . Tortured for a long time , The problem of sleepless hair , It was only half an hour , Fifty cents .

After after after , His life is just like a dream ,《 Man is lost 》,《 Lost in Thailand 》,《 No man's land 》,《 Hong Kong 》…… And this year's fire 《 I'm not the God of medicine 》, It has created a box office record in the history of Chinese film . The core frequently reflected in these movies is : How are we going to live ?

And now , Xu Zheng has 46 year . But he's here 40 I didn't become a director until I was 15 , I had no doubts at forty , Really not confused ?

He said it frankly ,“ Only accept all of yourself , Recognize and tolerate your own flaws , Only then has the opportunity to make up to correct the mistake , Make yourself better .”

Look , Years of experience will also be a valuable asset , The films directed by him have more in-depth thinking and observation than other films , This also makes it easier for Xu Zheng to open a new field of his life with the most appropriate attitude .

Have a problem , In crisis , We have to deal with it head-on , There is no other way . Once you fall into a dead cycle , Don't try to find a new way out , Refuse to create new opportunities for yourself , Then you will never succeed . Or rather , I will never be happy and easy to go " Live ".