2021 year 4 month SlashData
The company comes from 155 A country's 19,000 Multiple respondents , release 《 Developer country rankings 》 The third 20 edition , Estimated in the report , by 2021 The first quarter of 2008 , yes 2430 Active software developers .

<> The most popular programming language is still JavaScript

According to research, companies in the developer community SlashData call ,JavaScript
About six months ago 140 Wanxin developer , Currently has about 1380 Ten thousand developers . In the past three years , exceed 450 Ten thousand developers joined JavaScript community .SlashData
forecast JavaScript It will still be the most popular programming language .

<>Python It is still the second widely adopted language

Python It is still the second widely adopted language , since 2020 At the beginning of the year, the penetration rate exceeded Java since ,Python Now the number of users just exceeds 1000 ten thousand , In the past year alone, there have been new ones 160 Ten thousand developers .

Java It's a mobile application ecosystem Android The cornerstone of , It is also one of the most important universal languages . since 2017 Since the end of the year , Nearly 250 Ten thousand developers joined Java community , So far 940 Ten thousand developers joined .

C# It's traditionally popular in the desktop developer community , But it is also AR/VR And the most widely used language among game developers , This is mainly due to Unity Game engine is widely used in these fields .

<> The fastest growing language :Kotlin,Rust and Lua

In percentage , What is the fastest growing language community Kotlin. in fact , This is one of the two communities , The other is Rust, It has more than tripled in the past three years , from 2017 In the fourth quarter of 110 Million developers grow to 2021 In the first quarter of 260 Ten thousand developers . This point comes from Kotlin It's also very obvious in the ranking , During this period of time ,Kotlin From No 11 Up to the third place 8 position —— This trend is largely due to Google's decision to move the Kotlin As Android Preferred language for development . even so ,Kotlin To catch up with the mainstream language of mobile development Java There is still a long way to go ; at present , use Java What is the number of mobile developers building applications Kotlin Twice as much as .

Rust A very strong developer community has been formed , They care about performance , Memory security and security . therefore , In the past 12 In six months , It's growing faster than any other language , The scale has more than doubled . last ,Lua It is also one of the fastest growing language communities last year , Main attraction AR/VR and IOT Developers looking for an alternative scripting language C Language and C++ language .